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Teddy Goodson Wins Community Service Award, Talks About the “Grassroots”


Our own Teddy Goodson accepts the Fred Silverthorne Community Service Award from State Senator Chap Petersen at this morning’s 11th Congressional District Awards Luncheon in Fairfax City, then has a few words on the grassroots. Congratulations to Teddy on a well-deserved honor!

  • AnonymousIsAWoman

    I can’t think of a more deserving recipient.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    How wonderful to see the grassroots get its due. Congratulations!

  • notlarrysabato
  • Tom Greeson

    Congratulations to Teddy! What a wonderful moment during this afternoon’s award program! Well said, Teddy!

  • Jim Webb Dem

    here at Blue Virginia and previously at Raising Kaine … I enjoy Teddy’s comments and diaries the most.

    Wonderful for her to be in the spotlight. Thanks.

  • aznew
  • Teddy Goodson

    What I wanted to get across, and did not completely say the way I wanted to, was that the successful organization is successful because it is blessed with a strong grassroots—- and that sometimes the established leaders don’t always apprciate that, and don’t always listen to their grassroots, which feels it’s sort of invisible—- but that this year, 2011, is looking like the year the grass roots rises, and makes itself heard, the world grassroots, all across the globe. We have a lot in common with the grassroots of Egypt, Tunisia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana.  We’re fed up and ready to roll.  

  • Marc Greidinger

    Its what you do!

  • Ingrid

    You rock!