Two Big Endorsements in the 30th State Senate District


    There have been a couple of endorsements in the 30th State Senate district recently that, while not unexpected, are each significant in their own way.

    First, let’s start with the breaking news: State Senator Patsy Ticer has endorsed Arlington County School Board member Libby Garvey to replace her in the Senate.

    I endorse Libby Garvey for the 30th Senate District of Virginia. I’ve worked with Libby for years. She is a fast study and is committed to the issues important to me. She will be an excellent senator for the 30th district.

    That’s potentially an important endorsement, particularly if Ticer really goes to work for Garvey, works her support networks (and the phones), etc. One can also speculate as to the gender dynamic, as there are two men (Rob Krupicka and Adam Ebbin) running against a woman (Garvey) for a seat that’s been held by a woman (Ticer) for a long time now. We’ll see.

    The second endorsement worth noting is that of Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille for Alexandria Councilman Rob Krupicka. According to Euille:

    Not only is Rob my friend and colleague, he is an effective legislator and an outstanding representative of our community. I am confident that Rob is the progressive voice we need representing us in the State Senate.

    Given that most of this district is in Alexandria, the endorsement of Alexandria’s mayor also could be a significant one. Again, though, it really comes down to how much muscle the endorser puts into helping the endorsee. Also, this seems like an appropriate time to bring up Chris Cillizza’s “Endorsement Hierarchy”. To modify it a bit for the 30th State Senate district, I’d say the Ticer and Euille endorsements are each “symbolic” and “in-district” in their own ways. I’m not sure to what extent either was “obligatory,” but certainly both were widely expected.

    P.S. The third candidate, Del. Adam Ebbin, is kicking off his Senate campaign on March 20th. Also, Ebbin reports that he won the Mt. Vernon Democrats straw poll this past Saturday.

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    • Cool_Arrow

      Would that be like Glenn Nye’s endorsement?  

    • clark

      I can tell you we’re excited in Alexandria to have so many great candidates running. I’ll post a link later today with the speeches that were made at last night’s Alexandria Democratic Committee meeting. Like I said last night, I’m committed to making sure that the committee runs an open and fair process for any primary, and we’ll be hosting debates for any race where there is a primary. We had a packed meeting last night, and we’re working to make sure that we keep folks engaged before and after the primary… this is a critical year not only to make sure we keep the State Senate and pick up seats in the House of Delegates, but to get our organizational “ducks in a row” so that we can all (committees, grassroots, OFA, netroots, etc.) be hitting on all cylinders and working together moving into two very critical years in 2012 and 2013.

      A couple events we have coming up that may be of interest:

      1. On Monday, April 11 we’ll have our annual Legislative Wrap Up and Dessert at the Minnie Howard cafeteria (3801 W Braddock Rd); this is a chance to hear from our State Senators and Delegates from Alexandria about how session went, redistricting, etc.

      2. On Wednesday, April 13 the Alexandria Democratic Committee and Senator Warner will be hosting a Tribute to Patsy Ticer in Old Town- and I’ll loop back here in the next couple of days when a venue is locked down.


      Chair, Alexandria Democratic Committee