Webb on Libya: “We need to be careful before we literally pull the trigger”


    I agree with Senator Webb that we need to figure out exactly who the Libyan opposition is and what they stand for – if they are even coherent enough to stand for anything except for being against Gadhafi – before we even consider arming the rebels, or taking out Gadhafi’s air force, or whatever. As Jim Webb says, just because we don’t like “the present leadership” in Libya, people need to ask themselves “who you’re giving the weapons to and what is their future role if Gadhafi leaves?” Right now, I don’t think we know the answer to that question.  

    • richmonder

      Jim Webb’s caution on this question is more perceptive than nearly anyone else in the US Congress. We need only think of the US arming the Taliban rebels against the Soviets in Afghanistan 30 years ago to see the blowback that’s possible (though that was the right thing to do at the time). Contrast that with John McCain who was interviewed today on Al Jazeera calling on a no-fly zone and possible military support for the anti-Gaddafi forces. He’s all gung ho and head strong about the advantages of military intervention at this uncertain point. Webb will be missed in the US Sentate!