PPP: Mark Warner By Far the Most Popular Virginia Politician


    Public Policy Polling has approval/disapproval ratings for major Virginia political figures, and the results are generally expected – with one surprise, at least to me. Here they are, in descending order of popularity (approval/disapproval for ones holding office; favorable/unfavorable for those not currently in office).

    1. Mark Warner: 58%-29% (+29 points)

    2. Jim Webb: 48%-35% (+13 points)

    3. Bob McDonnell: 46%-34% (+12 points)

    4. Tim Kaine: 46%-38% (+8 points)

    5. Bill Bolling: 33%-26% (+7 points)

    6. Doug Wilder: 38%-34% (+4 points)

    7. Barack Obama: 48%-45% (+3 points)

    8. George Allen: 39%-40% (-1 point)

    9. Tom Perriello: 20%-22% (-2 points)

    10. Ken Cuccinelli: 37%-40% (-3 points)

    11. Jamie Radtke: 4%-14% (-10 points)

    12. Rick Boucher: 14%-26% (-12 points)

    13. Bob Marshall: 8%-20% (-12 points)

    14. Terry McAuliffe: 17%-30% (-13 points)

    Of course, these are not totally comparable because name ID is far greater for some than for others. Still, I think these ratings give you a pretty good idea as to general tendencies. The one that really surprised me? Terry McAuliffe is in last place, behind crazy “Sideshow Bob” and Ken Kookinelli?!? What’s THAT all about? I asked a Virginia Democratic political insider what he/she thought of that, and he/she said, “[Terry McAuliffe is] not a Virginia personality.” Agree? Disagree? Personally, I’m not even sure what that means, given the wild diversity in personality types of major Virginia political figures (Cuccinelli’s a “Virginia personality?” How so?). Also, I’m surprised how low Rick Boucher is, and that Cooch isn’t far lower than he is.

    P.S. Also, see here for Virginia ratings of possible 2012 Republican candidate for president, like Sarah Palin (-33 points), Newt Gingrich (-27 points), Mitt Romney (-15 points), and Mike Huckabee (-1 point). Not looking good for the Republicans in 2012, what a shame.

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