What Is Wrong With Eric Cantor?


    First, read this:

    “All of us need to be tempered by the fact that we’ve got to stop spending money we don’t have,” Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told reporters at his weekly press briefing. “Essentially, what you are saying is to go borrow money from the Japanese so we can spend it there to help the Japanese.

    President Barack Obama said Monday that the United States “will continue offer any assistance we can” to Japan as it deals with aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. But the majority leader did not back down from the House GOP’s proposed budget cuts for programs that respond to natural disasters both at home and abroad. H.R. 1, which the House passed in February, would cut the U.S. Agency for International Development budget by about $121 million, or roughly 8.7 percent.

    Now, can someone please explain to me what’s wrong with Eric Cantor exactly? No brain? No heart? Neither? It’s so embarrassing that this clown is from Virginia, what did our great state to deserve him?!?

    • normanva

      The tea party has been bitterly complaining about cantor not cutting spending enough.  This is an obvious attempt to get back on their good side because he needs their votes.

    • frisbee

      Not sure that this was a reach out to the tea party, as much as it was a reflexive statement about their determination to do nothing.

      Really liked his line about “We’ve all got to do more with less.”

    • kindler

      …it sounds like he confused Chinese with Japanese, since “all them Oriental peoples look alike!”

      I’m reallly ashamed to have this guy as a fellow Jew. Any way to excommunicate him?

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      Everything.  And he gets worse all the time.  It’s a sure sign that the GOP is out of talent that. He rose to his position.