Maps of New Virginia Senate and House Districts


    Courtesy of tech whiz Dave Leichtman, see here for final (assuming Gov. McDonnell signs them into law, as he’s said he will) House of Delegates redistricting maps and here for final Senate maps. A couple of examples: here are the 30th and 31st State Senate districts (click to “embiggen”).

    UPDATE: It appears the data posted here, at least for House districts, is…uh, “funky.” Do a “before” and “after” on the 45th, for instance. If this were really the case, I think we would have heard something from David Englin by now. 🙂

    UPDATE #2: Dave Leichtman seems to have fixed whatever the problem was. All is now well in the world. 🙂

    • Dave

      Threw off the parser. All is right with the world now. Well, not really, as you can see from these maps. But the maps are “right” 🙂

    • totallynext

      What you should show is the impact of the change for the 30th on the “senates” Democratic Representatives decimation of the 36th Mount Vernon / NOVA district.  Wiped us out – now a PWC majority seat.

      BS, BS, BS

    • kindler

      …apparently bought himself a bunch of safe Dem real estate by having his district take over most of Fairfax County’s Mason district. (Which will make him my Senator. Ugh.)

      He’ll enjoy that until the day he gets primaried by an actual, progressive, grassroots Democrat.  

    • Blue Virginia

      The content of your comment was fine, the profanity is not allowed. Try again without the Donald Trump language. 🙂

    • pontoon