Harris Miller May be a Greedy, Evil Slimeball, but Boy Is He Funny!!!


    Actually, no, this isn’t actually funny at all (unless you think that joking about “soon-to-be-extinct animals” is ROFLMAO level or whatever). Apparently, though, this is supposed to be hilarious, with slimeball lobbyist (latest gig: ripping off poor kids, minorities, and veterans as the top lobbyist for the for-profit “education” industry) Harris Miller in the role of…god, I don’t know, you watch it and try to understand what the heck it’s supposed to be exactly! Also, if you happen to figure out what the point of this…this…thing is, please enlighten us all. Thanks.

    P.S. Thank goodness we drafted Jim Webb and prevented this guy from being the Democratic nominee for Senate in 2006. Although, on second thought, that would have made two phony “cowboys” in the race – Felix Macacawitz and Harris Miller. Now THAT would have been funny. Hahahahahaha. Oh, forget it. šŸ˜‰

    • Ingrid
    • Dan Sullivan

      Yeah, she has a job and no debt.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      Please tell me that Harris Miller wasnt referring to the shootings at VT and suggesting that therefore students should “educate” themselves at one of his benefactor’s “schools.”  I gasped when I saw the beginning of this.  And my husband agreed that Miller is playing with trajedy here. If so this is disgusting, inhumane, and hideous.  Otherwise, it is just plain bigotted against/ mocking those not from NOVA and not “sopisticated” enough to measure up to Miller’s insider standards, inmho.  What a jerk.  Who voted for this guy over Webb, anyway?

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Perhaps Harris Miller should go to “community college” and study basic English. If this was meant to be funny, it is so far off the mark as to be pathetically bad.

    • commentator1

      My understanding is that most of these schools live off the student loans taken out by the students. These are loans from the American people via the Federal government. The tuition is 10 times that of a community college.

      They make huge profits. Just check out this article on the profits of for-profit universities:


      I think this is direction some may want to take the schooling for younger people as well. I think many of the so-called reform movements are geared toward eliminating the public school system and replacing it with the voucher system to support for-profit schools.  

    • Click here for all the details. What a bunch of buffoons.

    • bhwilcox

      Disturbing. I am increasingly concerned about Mr. Harris Miller’s mental health. Before we all line up to throw stones at Harris and decry his behavior, we should show some concern for him. This is a human being we are talking about here, one who is clearly lost his way. The original article which still appears online at http://www.bluevirginia.us  calls him “Greedy” and an “Evil Slimeball” , pretty harsh words for an individual who’s mental and emotional problems are being exploited by the for profit education industry. Right now Mr. Miller needs our help, not condemnation. I feel sure that the association will ask Mr. Miller to step down in the coming days as a damage control measure. I just pray that his severance package will include the help he is so in need of.

      The for profit education industry in the United States is a highly sophisticated, diversified, activity that annually drains billions of dollars from Americas economy by unlawful conduct and student loan fraud. In the video Mr. Harris Miller is portraying a “puppet” (Woody from Toy Story). Mr. Miller, in his diminished capacity is being exploited as a puppet of the for profit industry. The irony is that in the end Mr. Miller is the ultimate pawn in the for profit machine.