Harris Miller May be a Greedy, Evil Slimeball, but Boy Is He Funny!!!


    Actually, no, this isn’t actually funny at all (unless you think that joking about “soon-to-be-extinct animals” is ROFLMAO level or whatever). Apparently, though, this is supposed to be hilarious, with slimeball lobbyist (latest gig: ripping off poor kids, minorities, and veterans as the top lobbyist for the for-profit “education” industry) Harris Miller in the role of…god, I don’t know, you watch it and try to understand what the heck it’s supposed to be exactly! Also, if you happen to figure out what the point of this…this…thing is, please enlighten us all. Thanks.

    P.S. Thank goodness we drafted Jim Webb and prevented this guy from being the Democratic nominee for Senate in 2006. Although, on second thought, that would have made two phony “cowboys” in the race – Felix Macacawitz and Harris Miller. Now THAT would have been funny. Hahahahahaha. Oh, forget it. 😉