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Hurt, Rigell, Wolf, Griffith, etc. Will Be Seeing this Ad Next Year. Hope They Enjoy It!


Actually, Republicans across the country – including Virginia Republicans like Robert Hurt, Scott Rigell, Frank Wolf, and Morgan Griffith, all of whom voted for the Paul Ryan plan to destroy Medicare – will be seeing a variant of the ad that helped propel Democrat Kathy Hochul to her huge, upset victory Tuesday night in an overwhelmingly conservative, Republican district. To paraphrase the saying about New York, if this ad can make Republicans lose there, it can make Republican lose anywhere. And the best thing about it?  It’s 100% true, Republicans DID vote to essentially end Medicare while cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans, and there’s nothing Republicans can do to change that fact. Have fun in November 2012, Republicans, I know we Democrats are looking forward to it immensely! 🙂

  • Teddy Goodson

    The Republican response will be something along the lines of: “cutting taxes and cutting spending will create jobs! Jobs! Jobs! ‘Obamacare’ is a failure, costs too much, and everything Obama and the Democrats have done has NOT WORKED, and it is time we patriotically made the tough choices to get America back on track. That means cutting taxes to create jobs, ending Obama’s promise to ‘spread the wealth,’  and slashing all the evil ‘socialist programs’ of the left.”

    You can hear this already in everything Ryan says, everything Cantor says, echoed by the Republican governors who stubbornly continue on their destructive path.  You also hear it from almost all the economic gurus on Wall Street, bleating about the sacred bond holders and the coming US default upon the federal debt, and endless pundit commentary on  the European countries which are also facing dfault, which is blamed entirely on the social spending and profligate big-government spending.