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New Nissan Leaf Ad: Electric Cars = Common Sense


This new ad for the Nissan Leaf turns the conventional wisdom surrounding electric cars on its head. Is it really such a revolutionary idea to run our vehicles on electricity when we rely on so many things we couldn’t imagine powering with anything else?

  • kindler

    Though this commercial blurs the issue that electricity is made in mostly dirty ways in this country — we don’t see the fumes unless we live next to the coal-burning power plant, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  And most of the energy produced in this way is lost through the transmission and delivery process — very inefficient.

    It’s just something else we need to work on…

  • Teddy Goodson

    That’s what the fossils in the Republican Party claim, and they quote polls which say that is what most Americans think,too, so End of Discussion. This, of course, excludes factoring in the true costs of using fossil fuels—- all those externalities so carefully left out of the Republican frame, like environmental costs, social costs, all the generations of subsidies built-in to extraction and preparing fossil fuels for use….