Why We Switched from GoDaddy


    Sorry about Blue Virginia being down most of today as we switched the domain away from GoDaddy to another hosting service. Believe me, it wasn’t fun for any of us today. However, I think after you check out the following links, you’ll agree that we switched for good reason.

    1. Time to stop using GoDaddy.com. The president is a pro-Bush, pro-Gitmo, wingnut

    2. GoDaddy President: Serious Republican Donor

    3. GoDaddy.com CEO Bob Parsons’ Elephant Hunt Sparks Outrage

    Given all this, how on earth can any progressive political blog justify using GoDaddy?  Well, we admit it, we did for several years, and all in all I don’t have any complaints from a technical or cost perspective. But, in a broader sense, it was a huge mistake, as Raising Kaine and Blue Virginia were/are fiercely progressive blogs, and GoDaddy’s owner is a wealthy right winger opposed to everything we believe in. Also, there are plenty of other hosting services out there, including ones that are more in line with our values, such as being 100% powered by wind energy.

    Why didn’t we switch earlier? Basically, because most of us hate dealing with technology, and also because we figured switching would be a huge pain in the butt. Which it was. To put it mildly. In the end, though, the elephant shooting pushed us over the edge, and we decided we had to tell GoDaddy to GoTakeaFlyingLeapOffaShortPier.  And, despite how absurdly difficult it was to complete the process, overall we’re glad we did it.  

    • bruce roemmelt

      Now I’ve got to make some changes as you have Lowell.  

      There are a bunch of places I don’t shop (like Bush “pioneer” Home Depot – and union busters like WalMart, Wegmans, Bloom and Harris Teeter, and I don’t buy cars not made by union workers) and now that you’ve put me onto FATCOW I truly have no excuse to change.  

      Green and “Lowell Endorsed”  Check please…

      Sometimes we just need a little push.

      thanks buddy,


    • listlady

      of why connections were so dicey yesterday. And thanks for putting your business in line with your principles. We can’t always be pure and consistent but every step helps.

    • JudgeJohnJay

      for his wedding!  http://youtu.be/PIsPh_o_s9I