$13 for the 13th – Stop the Haters


    You know the issues Blue Virginia readers.

    Bob Marshall is at it again.  His groundless screed about a private institution celebrating diversity once again flies in the face of real science and common decency, not to mention the true meaning of WWJD.

    Here in Prince William County it is OUR responsibility to rid the General Assembly of this man who is on a crusade to deny rights to American citizens.

    We are ground zero.  We have the candidates.  We also have a need to replace the others that vote with and support Bob Marshall.  Miller, Anderson, Stirrup, Black, Fitzsimmons, Stuart, Fredrick, Munoz, and their ilk must be fought right here.

    As the Chair of the Prince William County Democrats, I’ve started a campaign to have Bob’s letter help to fund our Absentee Ballot program.  That program will help all of our candidates and truly strike a blow for all of our brothers and sisters.

    We’ve put up an ActBlue page in an attempt to get 1000 people to donate $13 to get rid of Bob Marshall.


    Your $13 will help us Stop the Hate and turn the tide!

    This is not dreaming, the votes are here.  This county (and the 13th district where Marshall is the delegate) went for Obama.

    The absentee ballot program can put us over the top.

    Don’t get mad, make a difference.

    We have a real opportunity to make those words in the pledge reality, “…with libery and justice for all.”

    Bruce Roemmelt


    ps.  Please feel free to cross-post this any and everywhere!!!


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