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Airline Profits


If there was ever any doubt of the GOP/Business coalition vs the American citizen battle outcome this story should dispel that doubt.

  Once the GOP effectively defunded the FAA, that gave the airlines a green light to raise fares and pocket the money that would normally go into the national treasury. This is a twofer for the GOP since it blocks possible union activity and also rewards their airline political contributors with more profit.


  • glennbear

    The numbers are in, all of the airlines have raised their rates to collect the money that would have normally gone to the government. This is the equivalent of stores raising prices when VA declares a sales tax holiday. It is estimated that losses to the national treasury amount to $200+ million a week while the FAA funding bill is held up by GOP stonewalling in an effort to add an anti-union rider to the bill. This would be the same GOP that is screaming about the national deficit. One would think that such a loss of revenue would add to the deficit but I suppose it does not count because anti-union ideology is more important.