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Video: Pressed by MAGA Radio Host to Explain His Slimy Scam PAC, 2024 VA GOP U.S. Senate Frontrunner Hung Cao Has ZERO Answers

"Cao is a fraud who will do or say anything to get elected."


Can anyone explain what the heck far-right-extremist Hung Cao is blabbering about here with MAGA radio host John Fredericks? For DPVA’s post about what Fredericks is pressing Cao about in the following video, see here and below. Bottom line: Cao complete “failed to explain where the money he raised into the scam PAC went.” Check it out, below.

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Richmond, VA – This morning on the John Fredericks Show, Hung Cao admitted that instead of using his super PAC’s money as he pledged to go to other Republican candidates running in 2023, he used the money to promote himself on cable TV. John Fredericks went after Cao, saying, “you took the money in, you didn’t give it out, and that’s just a matter of public record. Why?”

The best answer Hung Cao could come up with was, “A lot of the money was reimbursed because you know, the cost to go to New York for Fox hits and stuff like that…” Cao said it: he used the money to promote himself on cable TV! Must be nice.

During this scathing interview, Cao failed to explain where the money he raised into the scam PAC went. As a reminder, Cao’s scam PAC received over $100,000 but “no support of any kind, in-kind or otherwise” went to Virginia’s Republican candidates, though that’s what Cao repeatedly promised to do.

The most damning interaction Cao had in his interview with John Fredericks included him scolding Cao for his deceitfulness and reminding him that this is all a matter of public record, starting at 1:57:18:

John Fredericks: So I mean, I guess I have to ask the question. Your PAC raised money. I mean, that’s a matter of public record. You promised them though, when you raised it, that it would go to political candidates that you were backing Republicans running in the General Assembly when Republicans were going to maintain the House and take the Senate, which they lost both houses and but when we look at the PAC records. You didn’t give any money to these candidates, so you took the money in but you didn’t give it out and that’s just a matter of public record. Why?

Hung Cao: Okay, the the PAC raised a little bit of money and then I moved a lot of money from my you know, what’s left over from Cao for Congress to keep a lot because you know like start-up costs a lot. You have to have lawyers you have to have compliance people, you have to have a lot of people to you have to have start fees — so a lot of the money was moved over to from from the old campaign to keep it alive and to be honest, I mean, the lady didn’t know what she was doing. A lot of the money was reimbursed because you know, the the cost to go to New York for for Fox hits and stuff like that. Look, there’s nowhere —- my wife and I supported local candidates. The the primary was in June and I got out in May to consider running for US Senate because I felt it was it was not right for me to be part of the super PAC while I contemplated a run for US Senate.

So just to keep track of this total train wreck interview, even conservative talk radio host John Fredericks is chastising Hung Cao for lying to Virginia Republicans about his scam PAC and his failure to explain where $100,000 went, money that surely could have helped other Republican candidates in 2023.

“Hung Cao lied to Virginians to promote himself and fessed up to it,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “Virginians can spot a phony like Hung Cao from a mile away, and all they see when they look at Cao is a fraud who will do or say anything to get elected.”


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