Endorsement: Jaime Areizaga-Soto for State Senate


    As always, in making an endorsement in a contested, Democratic primary, there are two main considerations. First, why one candidate? Second, why not the other?  In this endorsement of Jaime Areizaga-Soto for State Senate from the 31st district (Arlington, McLean, Great Falls, eastern Loudoun County), I’m going to focus mostly on the positives, as he himself has been doing in his campaign. Don’t believe that? Well, so far I’ve received numerous (15?) mailers from the Areizaga-Soto campaign, and of those, I’d say that 80% or so were purely positive. The other 20% were “negative” in the sense that they brought up unpleasant, but nonetheless relevant and important, issues about his opponent. We’ll get to that a bit later.

    But first, why Jaime Areizaga-Soto? First, by every indication — my conversations with him, his extensive Blue Virginia interview, his speeches and comments at debates and forums — Jaime is clearly a strong, passionate progressive, committed to: LGBT equality, environmental protection, high-quality education, fairness and opportunity, and progressive tax reform, among other issues.

    Second, Jaime is clearly a favorite of Blue Virginia readers (and progressive activists generally), having won our BV poll by a huge, 76%-24%, margin. As the editor and founder of this blog, as well as an active member of the progressive Virginia community since 2005, that means something to me.

    Third, Jaime’s got a fascinating background, albeit definitely not one of a career politician. Thus, Jaime has served as a Lt. Colonel in the Army National Guard’s Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG); as an Obama Administration appointee to a senior post at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), as a White House Fellow, as Policy Advisor to State Senator Mary Margaret Whipple, as Vice President of the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia, and as an attorney at one of the world’s largest law firms. Just for good measure, he’s fluent in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish, graduating with honors from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and with a Masters in Latin American Studies from Stanford University. I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s pretty darn impressive.

    Fourth, I must say, Jaime showed cojones – to use a word from one of the languages in which he’s fluent 🙂 – by bucking the tremendous pressure being put on by the “powers that be” to “clear the field” for the establishment candidate in this race, Barbara Favola. Several other potential candidates wilted before that same pressure, but Jaime stood strong, giving voters in this district the choice that would have been denied them. To me, that counts for a lot. Thank you, Jaime, for having the courage to take on the undemocratic party operatives trying to keep you from running!

    Finally, having gotten a read on his character over the past few months, I’ve concluded that Jaime will be a strong, independent, progressive voice for the 31st district in Richmond. I am also convinced that Jaime will not be going down to Richmond in order to be a rubber stamp for “leadership,” or a patsy of corporate lobbyists, or a puppet of Dick Saslaw. If all of the above weren’t sufficient reasons for me to endorse Jaime, this final point certainly seals the deal.

    So, why not Barbara Favola? Several main reasons. First, I’m not at all pleased with the heavy-handed tactics which were used by Dick Saslaw and others to, essentially, “clear the field” and annoint her the nominee, without we the people of the 31st district having any say. I don’t know about you, but I react viscerally to that, and not in a positive way. Also, what it indicates to me is a glaring lack of confidence in the candidate, that they even feel the need to “clear the field” at all. (Also, that most certainly is NOT what I think about when I hear the phrase “the Arlington way.” But maybe I’ve just been really naive about that over the years?) Of course, given that Barbara Favola has never won a seriously contested primary in her entire political career, those fears might not be unfounded.

    Second, I am deeply troubled by the financing of Favola’s campaign, and the ethical and policy questions it raises. True, people need to raise money – and lots of it! – to run for office these days. That’s fine. However, what I’m seeing with the Favola campaign is heavy donations from one group — real estate developers, at least one of whom (Preston Caruthers) has given overwhelmingly to Republicans, including many right wing ones, in his past. Caruthers alone raises a lot of questions. But then there’s John Shooshan, a major real estate developer who’s had tremendous amounts of business before the Arlington County Board for years. As I’ve noted previously, the Arlington County Board has an internal understanding that members will not take money from developers with business before the board, because of the “appearance of impropriety.”  

    Yet now, Favola is taking large sums of money from one of those developers, even naming him the chair of her fundraising committee. That’s troubling on several levels: 1) the aforementioned “appearance of impropriety;” 2) what it indicates about who might influence Favola, particularly with regard to development and environmental issues, if she makes it to Richmond; and 3) what it says about Favola’s ethical moorings, that she would not simply resign from the County Board or at least recuse herself from dealings pertaining to real estate development in Arlington.

    Third, I’m not convinced that Favola would be a strong progressive in Richmond. For starters, she has refused to state clearly and unequivocally that she’d vote against a socially conservative Democrat like Phil Puckett for Caucus Chair. In stark contrast, Jaime Areizaga-Soto states clearly:

    I will not support Phil Puckett or any candidate that is not a progressive for Caucus Chair. I was surprised to hear my opponent would not rule it out. Phil Puckett holds positions on choice, equality, and the environment that are out of sync with our Democratic values. I will always stand up for a woman’s right to choose and for a clean environment – including in intra-party battles for leadership. Any Democrat in this district that won’t make the same commitment is not well-representing the 31st.

    Needless to say, I prefer that response. 🙂

    Finally, I am concerned about Favola’s electability, given her unimpressive electoral track record, and also given her series of misstatements on the campaign trail thus far. Just to give one example, Favola’s been going around for a couple months now telling people she serves on the Arlington County “Board of Supervisors,” despite the fact that Arlington doesn’t have a “Board of Supervisors.” What on earth is that all about?  Also, in my interview with her, she mistakenly referred to Dick Saslaw as the “head of the caucus” (he’s actually Majority Leader), and called Saslaw “very progressive” (most definitely not true!). Later in the interview, when I mentioned this to Favola, she said that I was mistaken, that she had actually referred to Mary Margaret Whipple and NOT Dick Saslaw as “very progressive.” However, it’s right on tape; she absolutely did refer to Saslaw as “very progressive.” There are many other examples I’ve heard of, but that’s enough for now.

    Bottom line: I see Jaime Areizaga-Soto as a highly promising, passionate, progressive voice for the 31st State Senate district in Richmond. I do not believe he would be beholden to anyone there, except for the people of the 31st. I admire his courage in running. And I’m strongly endorsing him for the Democratic nomination on August 23. Go Jaime!

    • Jaime will definitively shake things up as a Senator and could be the champion of a new generation of Virginia Progressives in Richmond, thanks for another good call…

    • jack hughes

      My household has gotten an equal number of positive/negative ads from the Soto campaign.  I’ve been on the fence on this one, swaying back and forth.  The negativity is not helping Jaime’s cause. And in a campaign where he is an unknown, and impressions matter, his ‘smile’ is unnerving. Loosen up, Jaimebaby! Sometimes being whip-smart is not enough.

    • NewVirginia

      All right Favola supporters — since you will not answer why you think your candidate’s acceptance of the toxic whispering campaign against Jaime is okay — let’s just forget that (and the whole nomination entitlement situation).

      I would like to hear a Favola supporter give their reasons for supporting her, over Jaime, that have nothing to do with the two out of fourteen mailers that went out. I would like to hear some POSITIVE reasons from them about why she is a better candidate.

      Let’s hear about the issues.

      1.  Why do you think your candidate is better on the issue of electing a new Caucus Chair when she won’t give any idea of what she believes are important criteria in her decision?

      2.  Why do you think your candidate will be better on environmental issues and believes that an important part of future Transportation plans should depend on “land use planning” when she has accepted so much real estate developer money?

      3.  Why do you think a candidate who will not state whether she will vote “no” for a Caucus Chair who is anti-abortion will be better on Women’s Choice issues than Jaime who has stated that he will?

      Explain these things to me instead of simply harping on a couple of campaign mailers out of 14.

      Yes, let’s talk about the issues — and Democratic values…

    • NewVirginia

      New Virginia can tell you about the community activist background of the wonderful candidate Esteban Garces and that Senate candidate Shawn Mitchell’s lovely wife is expecting their 2nd child and that Shawn served our country in Bosnia and Iraq. Also that Alfonso Lopez was instrumental in helping form the Latino Caucus in Virginia. Dr. Lateef, a wonderful ophthalmologist, by the way, who has a new, very cute baby, is working to beat the divisive Corey Stewart. Senate candidate Bert Dodson has signs for his Exterminator business all over his potential new District, which is really kind of funny if you think about it — and Chris Dumler — who is running for Supervisor in Albemarle County, is away for 3 weeks of reservist duty in Germany.

      Our Virginia Democratic candidates are a wonderful group — and as stated before we will ALL work hard to make sure the Senate stays Democratic this fall and that we gain as many seats in the House as possible.  

    • NewVirginia

      I do not question anyone’s endorsement or motives, as I’ve said in the past. Thanks for acknowledging that.

      I have not said, exactly that Ms. Favola doesn’t “connect” with Arlingtonians. What has been told to me is that some got the feeling that Ms. Favola believes that she deserves this state senate seat because of her long-held Arlington County Board position. That she doesn’t NEED to lay-out her vision for the future because she has 14 years of past experience. And, because of her endorsements. That is not an unreasonable way to feel after many years of work, I suppose — but politics is not the civil service.

      But no matter who wins or loses, this primary race will have made both Democratic candidates sharper and better for the general election. If Favola had “coasted” through the summer and faced her GOP opponent after Labor Day without an opponent, I don’t think she would have been as good a candidate. She will be a better candidate because of this primary race.

      And, if the rich, attractive blonde, GOP fake “soccer Mom” faces a smart, progressive, history-making, Georgetown ROTC honors grad, Stanford law, international lawyer, Treasury White House Fellow, ACDC, Virginia Dem and DLOV activist, quatra-lingual, Obama appointee, Richmond-experienced, movie-star handsome JAG officer who has walked the district for 3 months, has a great campaign staff in place and who can raise money from Latinos all over the US — so much the better.

      It’s a win-win.  

      • NOVA expat