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Tea Party Mailing Letters via USPS to Support Legislation Dismantling USPS


In one of the latest campaigns from TheTeaParty.net, members are urged to support Congressman Darrel Issa (R-CA)’s “Postal Reform Act.” Their petition page, at last check, claims “77,292 Letters and Emails Sent So Far.”  After members sign the petition, they are directed to a page where they can “send your comments as a letter to your elected officials.”

Here are some highlights of the Postal Reform Act.  It would:

-Create two new bureaucratic agencies to restructure USPS;

-Close thousands of post offices and shut down 30% of area or district offices;

-Force renegotiation of union contracts and fire every USPS employee over retirement age;

-Replace postal service in rural areas with private sector options;

-Increase postal rates as much as 5% per year.

Maybe if TheTeaParty.net is so convinced that the free market is the best way to send mail, then they should use FedEx or UPS to deliver these 77,000 letters and see how much that costs?

  • glennbear

    A large portion of USPS fiscal problems is the very low rates charged to corporate bulk mailers. Every time they have tried to raise these rates congress has said no. It is interesting to note how much money flows from corporate bulk mailer PACS to GOP legislators.

  • normanva

    I have been pointing out to folks that the USPS charges only 0.44 to mail a letter in the US (these folks are so busy babbling out talking points that I am not sure they hear I word I say). I have checked the fedex price.  To the same zip code it is around $12.00.  If the USPS could charge $12.00 I bet it could be turning a profit.