Bob McDonnell Desperately Tries to Explain Rick Perry’s Inexcusable Remarks


    This is almost funny, it’s so pathetic. I mean, even Bush Administration officials, Rick Santorum, and many others on the right are condemning Rick Perry’s utterly unpresidential, uncivil, ignorant, and patently absurd remarks about Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke (a Bush appointee), but Bob McDonnell can’t manage to say the words. I mean, I know McDonnell’s pandering to anyone and everyone as he campaigns to be somebody’s running mate, but has he no dignity at all?  Apparently not.

    • Will Radle

      Someone should take the TX governor on a southwest tour and update him on recent events.  Perry needs to stop encouraging violence in his pointless rhetoric.

      Also, Perry keeps referring to his record of job creation.  Isn’t Obama recognized as President in TX?  Can’t the President of the United States make the same claim as the TX governor for TX jobs?

    • George Jefferson Davis

      He sounds woefully unprepared for what anyone would have known would be the first question. Anyone see the rest of the interview? Why exactly was he on MSNBC? In his new role as RGA Chair?

    • kindler

      …ought to be his new bumper sticker.