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    Coalition Logo.pngWomen’s access to comprehensive reproductive health care is under attack in Virginia. Anti-choice politicians are working to impose medically unnecessary and burdensome regulations on women’s health care centers to restrict access to safe and legal abortions. These regulations, which single out abortion providers among outpatient clinics, could also have the effect of eliminating access to cancer and STD screenings, family planning services, and comprehensive reproductive care for numerous minority and low-income women.

    The newly launched Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health is helping lead the fight against this new TRAP (Targeted Legislation of Abortion Providers) and ProgressVA is excited to be joining them on this extremely important issue. From their website:

    “The Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health formed in 2011 as a response to the attack on women’s health and safety prompted by Senate Bill 924. The Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health strives to protect and ensure access for all women in all regions of Virginia to safe first-trimester abortion and comprehensive reproductive healthcare services. The Coalition is committed to ensuring any regulations are based solely on medical and public health considerations. The Coalition is opposed to excessive, burdensome or unneeded regulations that undermine patient access to medical care for political or ideological purposes.”

    We will keep you updated, but also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for their latest actions and news on the fight against Virginia TRAP.


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