Does Bolling Think “Corporations Are People” Too?


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    Bill Bowling recently emailed his supports, letting them know that last week he had been named Chairman of Mitt Romney's campaign in Virginia – as he was in 2008.  

    Just today at the Iowa State Fair, Bowling's buddy Mitt Romney told a crowd that "Corporations are people," defending them against increased taxes in favor of cuts to Social Security and Medicare – much to the chagrin of those in attendence.  Here is video via Talking Points Memo


    Is this the type of thinking that Bill Bowling thinks we need in Virginia?  Is the out-of-touch mentality that the Lieutenant Governor is supporting going to help average Virginian's who are already struggling?  

    Real families are hurting in Virginia right now.  We need solutions and passion – we don't need our elected officials to protect corporate profits, or to promote politicians who do. 

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    • truthteller

      Comstock, “representing” the 34th District is also one of the chief Mitt boosters. If we’re asking the “do you agree with Mitt, are corporations people” question to Bolling, lets also put it to the Clinton hating, DeLay defending Delegate….

    • Redjek

      …and should not have the same right to contribute to campaigns as people do.  Corporations are GROUPS of people.  As such, the individuals that make up the corporation can do all the campaign contributions.

      On the other hand, the earnings do flow to those same people.  It would make more sense to just tax the individuals on the money they get out of the corporation, either through dividends or through capital gains.

      Corporations spend a lot of time and talent trying to boost the bottom line by reducing tax liabilities.  By eliminating corporate income taxes (and thus all the stupid special-interest tax subsidies), corporations would not have the twisted incentives for avoiding taxes, and the intellects of the tax lawyers and accountants could go to boosting the TOP line, which is providing goods and services to the customers.