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Too Conservative Blog: Loudoun Republican Party “Goes WAY Too Far” on President Obama


(UPDATE: The Post reports that Bob McDonnell and the RPV have condemned this. Smart move, also the right thing to do. In contrast, LCRC Chair Mark Sell has not commented. Hmmmm. UPDATE #2: Oh, now Sell has commented, calling it “a light-hearted attempt to inject satire humor into the Halloween holiday.” Oh, I get it. Hahahahahahaha!!! – promoted by lowkell)

Here’s what the Republican blog Too Conservative (specifically, the blogger “Loudoun Insider”) has to say about this mailer by the fun folks at the Loudoun GOP.

I am no fan of Barack Obama, but putting up a photo of him as a zombie with a bullet hole in his head???????????? Like him or not he is the legitimately elected the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of our armed services in a time of war.  THIS IS DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFUL.  Someone should send this to the US Secret Service.

Of course, this isn’t exactly surprising given who’s in charge of the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) — Mark Sell, seen here as part of Eugene Delgaudio’s band o’ wackos, “dressed up in a dark blue windbreaker with ‘Thought Control Police’ across the front, with the balding head, glasses, and goatee.” As Too Conservative’s “Loudoun Insider” wrote in March 2010, the election of Mark Sell would represent “a return to the Dark Ages.” True, but here’s what I want to know: did they have zombies with bullet holes in their heads back in the Dark Ages? Heh.

  • DavidWeintraub

    The connection with Eugene Delgaudio. He has established a climate within the LCRC in which this kind of behavior is acceptable, and Mark Sell is his acolyte. Just a week ago, Delgaudio himself sent out yet another defamatory anti-gay fundraising letter, with an image in the header. The image shows a pool of blood with a bloody smeared handprint, and the blood has been photoshopped to be rainbow colors.

    You can see both the original and the Delgaudio version here:


    If this behavior has been normalized, what’s next?

  • Progressive86

    Did any influential Liberal media outlet do anything like this to President Bush and his cabinet? I certainly don’t recall anything this distasteful.  

  • Connolly Calls on GOP Candidates to Condemn Republican Graphic of President Obama with a Bullet Hole in His Head

    FAIRFAX – Congressman Gerry Connolly today condemned a Northern Virginia Republican Committee mass email that included a graphic of President Obama with a bullet hole in his forehead, and called on GOP candidates to disavow the party’s action.

    “Such a violent and graphic image of President Obama is inappropriate by any standard and has no place in our political discourse,” Connolly said.

    “I hope every Republican candidate in Virginia seeking office in next Tuesday’s election will join with Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins and Democratic leaders and candidates across the state in condemning this outrageous action.  Republican candidates in NoVA and the Commonwealth owe it to the voters to denounce this reprehensible act in the strongest possible terms,” the Virginia Congressman said.

    “Enough is enough,” Connolly said.  “Certainly, politics is a rough business, but we cannot allow the rhetoric to reach the level where it is OK for the Loudoun County Republican Party to depict an elected official with a gunshot wound in his or her head.”

    Connolly said he hoped that all Virginia candidates, Republican and Democratic, would condemn the action in the strongest possible terms.

  • kindler

    The GOP will pay the price for letting these Tea Party types go too far in so many ways.  It’s about basic common sense, judgement and taste.

    Kudos to Too Conservative for showing those qualities this time around and blowing the BS whistle.

    Now maybe they can do the same the next time a group funded by Big Oil, Gas or Coal attacks climate scientists for engaging in science?