Another Cop-Out by Democrats: “Super” Committee Concessions


    The Democratic Party has turned its back on the working and middle-class people of the United States once again in its recent “concession” to Republican members of the so-called “super committee” established to reduce America’s debt by $1.5 trillion over the next decade.  Democrats in the debt reduction committee have proposed cuts to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars towards Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits. Not to be outdone, Republicans proposed even bigger cuts to these vital social programs.

    Is it that our elected representatives don’t “get it,” don’t care, or truly think they are the only ones who can put America’s economic genie back into the bottle? As if the Occupy protestors needed anymore verification of their concerns, the latest political cop-out by the Democratic members of the super committee is an additional piece of irrefutable evidence. What’s next, one has to wonder, eliminating benefits for wounded veterans?

    We already know the Republican Party would strip veterans of their disability benefits if it were politically feasible. By Herman Cain’s logic, the disabled veterans are disabled because they didn’t make the right decisions just as the poor are poor because they are “lazy.” But the Democratic Party has once again stifled any attempt to explain their incredibly naïve political behavior. How many times have Democrats attempted to meet Republican legislator’s half-way, only to be pulled even further into the legislative void that is the Republican Party? Yes, the Republican Party is like a black hole that slowly sucks the energy from areas surrounding it (e.g. the United States).

    Where is the backbone, the leadership, the visionaries, the legislators who still believe in responsible government over and above their precious political careers? Tolerance and patience has been worn hair-thin for most Americans. The super committee may be able to solve some deficit problems with such outrageous concessions, but the social turmoil that will follow will negate any positive economic effects. Democrats: stand up for America and Americans, not draconian economic policies.    


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