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Is Congress Really “close to destroying the internet?”


How worried should we be about this? According to Kos and many others, it sounds like the answer is “very worried.” What do you think? Also, am I missing something here or is this an issue that should united the Tea Party, right-wing bloggers, progressive activists, pretty much anyone who runs a blog or website, and a lot of other people? If this bill’s as bad as described, why would anyone support it, unless of course they were “bought and paid for” by wealthy interests?  

  • Cato the Elder

    But like so many other examples of proposed legislation coming out of Congress, it’s the ham-fisted product of the ill-informed. I think protection of legitimate intellectual property is a worthy goal, but they need to 1.) use a network-layer mechanism to implement the blocking, like having the government set up an autonomous system (AS) which advertised the IP addresses very specifically and have all US providers peer with this AS, then blackhole the traffic and 2.) considerably tighten up the language specifying what transgressions one needs to be guilty of to end up on the blackhole list. This is already done on a voluntary basis to chronic spammers and it works.

    If Paul Vixie thinks it’s a bad idea, it probably is seeing as he wrote the most widely used DNS server on the internet today.


  • glennbear

    Proof that congress is in the pocket of commercial interests with concern for the HUMAN CITIZENS who use the internet trumped by the sacrosanct profit motive. As we know the occupy movement heavily uses the internet to get information out which makes Wall Street interests crazy. The last thing we need is a government sanctioned tool for them to manipulate free speech and information under the guise of “intellectual property rights”.

  • Teddy Goodson

    Yes, the rationale for this outrageous piece of legislation is of course protection of copyright and trademarks, but IMO that is a convenient cover. This legislation as presently drafted is how the corporations intend to gain control over the one remaining form of media and communications that has so far escaped their grasp. This will give them complete censorhip power—- 1984 on steroids, no kidding. It will enable stifling of free speech, not to mention the ability to black out anything, and I mean anything, not to the liking of the corporatists, and that would include news of opposition, suppression of opposition, and the ability of ordinary commoners to let each other know what is really going on. If no one knows about Occupy Wall Street, it won’t exist.  

  • kindler

    Protecting Motown records and musicians?