Loudoun Republican Urges People to Thank Communist Soviet Veteran?!? FAIL!


    The continuing laughingstock/horror show that the Loudoun County Republicans have devolved into just got even worse. In yet another great scoop for Too Conservative, it turns out that right-wing Republican State Senate candidate Patricia Phillips has gone even MORE off the deep end than she usually is. Check this out, and choose whether to laugh, cry, or simply feel pity, as yet another Loudoun County Republican (joining Dick Black, Eugene Delgaudio, Mark Sell, etc.) demonstrates gross incompetence and craziness. Where on earth do the FIND these people?!?

    In one robocall apparently intended for Democratic voters, a “concerned citizen” calls Herring a “traitor” and more for voting WITH Governor McDonnell on transportation issues, then signs off with “Paid for and authorized by Patricia Phillips for Senate.”  Huh?  Vote for the Republican because the Democrat is too Republican?

    Then, in  a recent mailer, she calls out Herring for not thanking veterans -using a picture of a SOVIET officer.  Look closely and you’ll even see the “CCCP” in one of the medals on his chest.

    P.S. By the way, the “Too Conservative” blog, and particularly “Loudoun Insider,” is wildly outpacing all other Virginia Republican blogs/bloggers in original reporting, quality (and quantity) of writing, and also courageous willingness to call out their own “side” for outrageous behavior. Kudos; that’s blogging at its best right there!

    • dan

      thanks Mail House!!!!!!

    • truthteller

      Mark Herring is probably too nice to do it, but Patricia Phillips probably now could fairly be referred to as honoring Communist veterans — which is more socialist than anything the current Democrats have done or attempted to do.

      Furthermore, those kinds of phone calls attacking the Democrat for working in a bipartisan way are likely to backfire on all but the most progressive of voters since Mark Warner Tim Kaine Dems believe in bipartisanship where possible

    • hereinva

      Unbelievable….but good for a chuckle. Back to work.

    • rduckham

      You would think with all the money that is being spent on this election there would be SOME quality control.

    • TXIconoclast

      If you would like to purchase the medal in question with CCCP, there appears to be one on ebay.


    • The Richmonder
    • chambers1112

      You can thank Jason Mashburn at Creative Direct for that mail piece. He is hardly local. His firm does mail nationwide.