Virginia General Election Day 2011: Open Thread


    Polls in Virginia today are open from 6 am to 7 pm. Make sure you get out and vote for Democrats up and down the ballot, that is if you don’t want monolithic, 1-party Teapublican (mis)rule – not to mention draconian restrictions on a woman’s right to choose, guaranteed gridlock on the roads, guns in schools, nasty anti-immigrant measures, etc., etc. – over Virginia for the next two years.

    Please feel free to use this thread to tell everyone what you’re seeing in your neck of the woods. Thanks.

    P.S. Potentially vulnerable Democratic Senators include Barker, Houck, Reynolds, Puckett, Miller, Edwards, Marsden, Colgan, and possibly even Puller. Other interesting Senate races to watch include Dodson vs. Garrett (22nd), Smith vs. Bell (19th), and possibly (hopefully!) Mitchell vs. Black (13th). In the House, keep an eye on Garces vs. Dudenhefer (2nd), Armstrong vs. Poindexter (9th), Langrehr vs. Yost (12th), Bennett vs. Villanueva (21st), Danner vs. Comstock (34th), Brennan vs. Farris vs. Wall (59th), Barlow vs. Morris (64th),Clingan vs. LeMunyon (67th), Kondratick vs. Ramadan (87th), and Abbott vs. Watson (93rd). Finally, keep an eye on the Braddock district race between Janet Oleszek and John Cook (plus independent candidate Carey Campbell) and the race for control of the Fairfax County School Board. Should be interesting.

    • antonio_m_elias

      I think the 64th House district has to make it onto any list of races to watch.  Incumbent Democrat Bill Barlow is having a tough time due to redistricting adding some heavily Republican areas.

      Likewise in the 12th Republicans will probably pick up a Democratic House seat by a few points due to Jim Schuler’s retirement.

    • pontoon

      Fariss Wall race made on the list.  If you know anyone in the 59th, please call them and tell them how important it is to vote for Connie Brennan.  We need to bring this race home to a wonderful DEM!

    • clark

      we’ve got the polls staffed and doing phones and canvassing for Barker. Let’s do this thing. If you’re in Alexandria and want to volunteer, let me know.

    • pontoon

      getting support from a Campbell County Sheriff’s Candidate at some polling locations in Campbell County.  Campbell County was added to the 59th in redistricting, makes up 38% of the vote in the district and is one of the most conservative areas of the 59th!  This is good news for Connie Brennan to have the support of this Sheriff’s candidate.

    • Johnny Longtorso

      The 10th is one of the new NoVa seats; I’m expecting it to go Republican, but it should be close, since it’s an open seat.

      The 94th is an open Republican seat in Newport News; it’s probably a Republican hold, but the ’09 candidate, Gary West, is running again, so he should at least have some residual name recognition.

    • Don’t forget to vote yes on the referendum!

    • at Virginia Square (GMU Law School) precinct this morning at 8:12 am. No lines, pretty quiet.

    • Any reason why there’d be a police car at one of the highest minority precincts in Prince William County? The precinct is Swans Creek, in the Woodbridge area, along Rt 1 (overlaps with Puller, Garces, and Lateef). I hear it’s a plain clothes officer who parked and then walked away. Apparently, this happened 4 years ago in Rippon…

    • Va Breeze

      Her team is fired up-she walked almost the whole district starting this summer.

      Her opponent-has done little and deserves to be ousted!

    • A friend of mine who lives in Great Falls called me and said he was voter $97 at the Forestville Church at 8 am.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      My precinct is split in the stupid redistricting between two House races. The good thing in this blazingly red county is that I had Democrats to vote for this year. A friend of mine who is a poll worker said the voting was very light. I don’t know how that will impact the Lacey Putney re-election effort. He has two opponents, Lew Medlin (D) and Jerry Johnson (R).  

    • precincts. I sure hope that’s true!

    • I’m hearing from an informed source that Fairfax County absentee numbers are looking strong right now, indicating that “we may be in for a high turnout year.” Right now, the numbers look like this:

      Strong D: 4,692 (41%)

      Lean D: 1,413 (12%)

      Independent: 724 (6%)

      Lean R: 1,818 (16%)

      Strong R: 1,867 (16%)

      Unidentified: 972 (8%)

      So, what it’s looking like now is 6,105 (53%) likely “D” absentee votes vs. 3,685 (32%) likely “R” absentee votes in Fairfax County.

      In comparison, in 2007, Gerry Connolly received 5,247 (63%) absentee votes while Gary Baise received 3,110 (37%) absentee votes.

      The question is how good the IDs are here. Regardless, the absentee numbers do seem to indicate relatively high turnout in Fairfax County for an “off-off” year.

    • hrprogressive

      In the new 83rd district (which was/was part of [I don’t know] the old 87th) there wasn’t even a Democrat on the ballot for HOD!!! Just Chris Freaking Stolle as a Republican. Ugh.

      I wrote in my vote there. Fuck Chris Stolle.

      Did give Dr. Northam another vote back to the Senate; I sure hope that all the Loyola signs don’t actually mean anything…there are tons of his signs, but I haven’t actually seen one single ad with the man in it telling anyone what he’d do. He’s an idiot teabagger (aren’t they all!) who cares more about “ObamaCare” and “The national debt” than he does fixing any problems in Virginia.

      As long as Northam wins re-election I’ll be happy.

    • I have the numbers for the 10 best Democratic precincts and 10 best Republican precincts in Fairfax. As of 10 am, Dem precincts were at 41% of expected turnout (“expected” based on past performance in similar elections, per NCEC), while Republican precincts were at 35%. In general, the trend in Fairfax County right now appears to be towards the blue team, if you believe these numbers.

      10 Strong Dem. Precincts (turnout as of 10 am)

      Reston #3: 222 voters (466 votes expected — 35%)

      Skyline: 263 voters (705 votes expected — 37%)

      Glen Forest: 189 voters (359 votes expected — 53%)

      Mount Eagle: 172 voters (340 votes expected — 51%)

      Reston #2: 365 voters (734 votes expected — 50%)

      South Lakes: 381 voters (1165 votes expected — 33%)

      Kirkside: 343 voters (703 votes expected — 49%)

      Terraset: 243 voters (828 votes expected — 29%)

      Woodlawn: 247 voters (645 votes expected — 38%)

      Bucknell: 341 voters (641 votes expected — 53%)

      10 Strong “R” Precincts (turnout as of 10 am)

      Newgate South: 437 voters (1156 votes expected — 38%)

      Clifton: 512 voters (1763 votes expected — 29%)

      Popes Head: 150 voters (619 votes expected — 24%)

      Virginia Run: 278 voters (979 votes expected — 28%)

      Westgate: 408 voters (751 votes expected — 54%)

      Fountainhead: 434 voters (1424 votes expected — 30%)

      Newgate North: 201 voters (631 votes expected — 32%)

      Deer Park: 380 voters (1132 votes expected — 34%)

      Fairfax Station: 281 voters (636 votes expected — 44%)

      Woodyard: 322 voters (897 votes expected — 36%)

    • DanielK

      Just got done voting in Senate District 27 and house district 10.   Voted for Dave Butler and Sean Broy. turnout appeared very light poll workers would not say how many people have been voting or the turnout.  I’m on my way to Fairfax now to help at the polls until they close in and watch the returns.

    • Praying for good news tonight. Too bad I’m an atheist.  

    • sallybee

      …Franklin County in the 20th Senate District and 9th House District.  First time I have had to wait in a line that long in a non-presidential election year.  At 9 this morning I was voter 191.  Others I talked to have said they had to wait 30 minutes or more.  Of course, in addition to the Reynolds-Stanley race/ Armstrong-Poindexter race, there are hotly contested races for Commonwealth’s Attorney and Sheriff.  Also, part of the county is in the 19th Senate District (Bell-Smith).

    • VADEM

      have any news on Charlottesville area?

    • “Governor McDonnell voted at noon today in the 2011 election at precinct 607 in Richmond.  At the polling place, he ran into former Governor Doug Wilder.”

      (Photo Courtesy of Michaele White, Governor’s Photographer)

    • VADEM

      am watching the “personhood” bill in Mississippi and the anti union collective bargaining bill in Ohio. Hope both will go down. Would be a huge win for organized labor. For once.

    • But then again, maybe I should be thankful they’re at least open til 7. I’m sure the GOP would like to close them at 4:30.

    • TomC

      I voted at 5PM in the Evergreen district of Prince William County and had to walk by a Loudoun County GOP booth set up in the parking lot.  This is the same Loudoun County GOP that 1 week ago published a picture of President Obama with a bullet hole in his head.  Also standing near the booth was Prince William County supervisor Corey Stewart (R).

      I felt extremely intimidated and did not like having to walk by a nationally disgraced group of people that are NOT even relevant to my county’s election.