Will a real George Allen supporter please stand up?


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    First, the Richmond Times Dispatch busted George Allen for making up his list of Tea Party endorsements (and some Tea Party organizations!)

    Now, American Bridge passes along that those photos of “supporters” on his website are fake too. Here’s a stock photo of random people, and picture George Allen’s website:

    stock photo 2.png    stock photo on allen's site.png

    (Larger picks below the fold)

    Here’s the stock photo of random people (click on the image for a larger version):

    stock photo 2.png

    And here’s George Allen’s website (click on the image for a larger version):

    stock photo on allen's site.png

    What a “true grassroots” organization!

    • kindler

      As we discovered during the last campaign, EVERYTHING about George Allen is fake.  

      He’s a fake cowboy who grew up in a wealthy L.A. suburb.  

      He’s a fake Christian who tried desperately to hide his Jewish heritage, as if there were something wrong with that background.

      He’s a fake nice guy who isn’t too nice when he lets his racist, “macaca” side show.

      And he was a fake Senator with zero accomplishments to his name, just mouthing right wing talking points, voting straight Republican and calling it a day.

      So this is not a surprise.  Just wait a little longer and we’ll find out what other components of the man are synthetic.  (Another East German-made cyborg?)

    • commentator1

      Support for the Tea Party is fading. Polls show that many people who supported the Tea Party claim they didn’t know what they stood and now that they know they are disappointed.

      No, on the other hand, let’s not tell Allen.