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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, January 29.

*GOP takeover in Senate having profound effects

*Schapiro: Budget might create holes for future governors

*Editorial: Partisanship rules in redistricting

*Just name your price, folks

*Editorial: Solve our problems (“The GA needs to focus on the state’s critical issues: roads, jobs and education”)

*Lawmakers on both sides call for fix for Virginia’s tax-break system

*With Va. Beach light rail, even measuring opinions is divisive

*McClellan: Start state health exchange now

*Marshall changes face of Senate race

*Mark Center traffic, coming and going

*Town struggles to survive prison closing

*Manassas GOP endorse incumbent mayor

P.S. Oh, and in Teapublican freak show news, Mr. “9-9-9” endorsed Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich for president. Unfortunately for Newton, it may be too little, too late, as he trails Willard “Mitt the Ripper” Romney by 8 points (or maybe it’s 9? 9? 9? Heh.).

  • Any further questions?

  • blue bronc

    “Guns, Gays, and God” I think most Dems predicted that once the Virginia legislative process was owned by the R’s this would happen. Along with some very bad economic legislation around. In spite of so many R leaders saying they would stay on the minimalist, spare of change, government they ran on.

    Of note: although I moved from Virginia to Maryland last year, I am spending a lot of time (and economic support) in Virginia, specifically the Yorktown area, so I feel I should toss in a few comments every now and then.  

  • sonofkenny

    Virginia has already reached laughingstock status…