Why we cannot elect Melissa Bondi…


    Ms. Bondi’s failures to pay taxes (local and federal) disqualify her from holding any government office [See Washington Post, p.B10;1/13/12].

    She wouldn’t even tell the Wa.Post “whether she received notices or warning letters” from the IRS.

    The public who vote in the upcoming caucus, if informed of her negligence, will probably decide favorably for another candidate–but what if they don’t?  Ms. Bondi should step aside from this caucus/election. It would be a shame and an embarrassment to Arlington if she is elected.

    Unless the IRS, the Washington Post and Arlington County (delinquent car taxes for 2 years? C’mon! Please–we all get those Arlington notices on a regular basis!) have all conspired to do harm to Ms. Bondi, she is not qualified to represent us on the Arlington Board.

    We have enough issues in Arlington County w/out appointing someone to a government position who hasn’t paid in to the system she wants to be part of; Ms. Bondi, seemingly a fine person from those who endorsed her, should get her own house in order and–at least for the time being–leave governance to other, more organized and qualified individuals.  Those who have who endorsed this well-intentioned, but flawed candidate, need to ask her to reconsider her campaign.  There are many other ways she can continue to serve, but an elected position on the Board is not one of them.


    • truthteller

      Why did you just join Blue Virginia and use your first diary to trash one of the candidates? Yes Melissa has some issues which she needs to explain and I trust she will work diligently to get to the bottom of these issues, but some of the rhetoric used against her (eg Frank O’Leary) has been over the top and she was clearly going through a lot with her father dying at the time where most of the allegations are centered.

      That needs to be balanced with Melissa’s thoughtful approach to the issues and years of dedicated service. There are a number of qualified candidates and I’m still deciding between Melissa and Kim Klingler, but I suspect a troll here.

    • pkwat

      Hi. Replying to your comment, then getting back to real life…

      I found bluevirginia.us by searching Ms. Bondi’s name after reading the Wa. Post article; thought I might find some rebuttal to it at her website–not there. That’s the extent of my involvement. Don’t know what a troll is, b/c I’m way too busy to play games at this site, but I guess that means you think I have another horse in the race or something?

      As far as timing, (“Suspicious”…What?) well, the election is coming soon, and we’ve gotten 4 or 5 candidate mailings. I’ve voted for many years, and I like to know who’s running–it’s that simple!

      Doesn’t it surprise you to see someone running for office who hadn’t paid local or federal taxes?  Should we NOT wonder about that?

      If Ms. Bondi is the best we Democrats can do–and then try to censor each other on websites –then that might explain why right wing Republicans continue to dominate VA state politics.