Is Bob McDonnell Completely Delusional or Just Flat-Out Lying?


    Before answering that question, please read this:

    Virginia Governor and Mitt Romney surrogate Bob McDonnell (R) on Sunday floated what may turn into a Republican talking point if the economy continues to improve: It wasn’t President Obama who made it happen, it was the GOP governors.

    “Look, I’m glad the economy is starting to recover, but I think it’s because of what Republican governors are doing in their states, not because of the president,” McDonnell said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    Now, just a few points. First, I thought Bob McDonnell always says that government doesn’t create jobs at all (even as he dubbed his LG Virginia’s “Chief Jobs Creation Officer” – lol). But now, Republican governors like him are magically creating jobs? Hmmm.

    Second, of course, is the utter absurdity of claiming that state governments like Virginia’s are on a par with the federal government in terms of having things like, oh, the ability to print money, raise armies, provide Medicare and Social Security to tens of millions of Americans, build interstate highway systems, spend trillions of dollars, etc., etc. In contrast, Virginia’s two-year budget is about $85 billion, about what the federal government spends on just one agency (the Department of Health and Human Services) in just one year. Delusions of grandeur on Bob McDonnell’s part, perhaps?

    Third, it turns out that “Maryland created eight times more private-sector jobs than Virginia last year, throwing a wrench into Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s theory that his Republican-controlled state is friendlier to business than his Democratic rival to the north, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.” Also worth noting is a report which found that “federal spending lifted Virginia’s economy.”  Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising given that:

    No state has a higher share of its economy fueled by federal procurement. And Virginia is second, behind Alaska, in the per-capita flow of federal money to its borders. Altogether, federal spending accounted for 38 percent of the Old Dominion’s economic activity in 2009, according to a report by Federal Funds Information for States.

    Fourth, another report found that “state spending has a positive impact on growth, while Republican governors are associated with lower rates of economic growth.” Whoops.

    Finally, the fact is that state government cuts in jobs – including here in Virginia – have been a significant drag on the economic recovery, certainly not a boost as lyin’ Bob McGimmick claims.

    Now, back to our original question: Is Bob McDonnell completely delusional, or is he just flat-out lying? Feel free to discuss in the comments section.

    • glennbear

      This being an election year it was a given that the GOP would attempt to take credit for any economic improvement. Being an officer in the state governors organization it makes perfect sense they he would choose that group to champion as the cause of economic improvement. Of course he is flat out lying.

    • Shenandoah Democrat

      In Bob McDoodle’s distorted reality, delusion and dishonesty go hand in hand, one behavior (delusion) enabling the other (dishonesty). If he were to be on a national stage in 2012, Joe Biden would chop him up into so much scrapple! He’s the intellectual offspring of Dan Quayle, but probaly not even his equivalent.

    • rexsimmons

      There is not much, if anything, Bob McDonnell can take credit for in Northern Virginia. Virginia state government is mostly a drag on our local Northern Virginia economy.  For every tax dollar sent to Richmond, Fairfax County gets approximately 20 cents of spending in return.  This money could easily be put to better use at home even if we had to take over every state service provided.  

      Richmond has also been a hindrance in solving our transportation challenges with the Republican majority’s refusal to adjust transportation revenue to even levels that cover inflation.  The primary transporation revenue comes from the state taxes on gasoline that have been set at a fixed price for over 25 years while the costs have soared to build new transporation projects and maintain existing ones.  

      Our local economy thrives based on a quality of life and a business climate that has been based on local and federal government investments in infrastructure, parks, and education, something downstate Republicans and no tax extremists like Bob McDonnell refuse to acknowledge.  Instead we have Richmond Republicans like McDonnell imposing fundamentalist religious views on health care and acquiescing to the pretend militia crowd on unfettered gun sales and possession. Neither of these obsessions is likely to appeal to a California corporation looking to locate an East Coast headquarters or a European company looking to establish an American presence.

      Richmond is also planning to restrict even further the ability of our local governments to make their own land use decisions with a proposed state constitutional amendment.  The amendment, which the Virginia Farm Bureau and many Republican legislators favor, would limit the power of eminent domain so it could no longer be used for economic development purposes.  The amendment is opposed by Northern Virginia local government officials in several jurisdictions and many local business groups.  Thanks to action taken mainly by General Assembly Republicans, the amendment will probably be on the November ballot.