Video: “Sideshow Bob” Marshall Lies Through His Teeth on “Personhood” Bill


    What a bizarre interview. So, according to Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R-Mars), his “personhood” bill – HB1 doesn’t really do anything, as it doesn’t outlaw abortion or contraception, even as it clearly says that “unborn children at every stage of development enjoy all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of the Commonwealth.” How does he reconcile those two statements? The only thing he says is that there’s been a “law in Missouri since 1986” and supposedly it hasn’t done much of anything there. Uh huh.

    So, which is it Sideshow Bob: 1) your bill is a nothingburger, in which case why are you pushing it at all; or 2) your bill would most definitely make “killing” (to use Marshall’s inflammatory language, even though I completely disagree with it) “unborn children at every stage of development” illegal, in which case you’re lying through your teeth? I vote for #2. Any other theories?

    • kindler

      Okay, cool, I’ll take the car out on the road and test that one out…

    • JDevine01

      Opponents of this bill have to be very very careful in how they voice their opposition to it. This is how I view this debate, and the trouble Democrats and the pro-choice groups have fighting it.

      The Right has always contended that abortion is wrong and should be eliminated because it “kills” unborn babies. Pro-choice advocates argue issues like viability, as even most groups draw a line at some point.  

      In your rhetorical question #2 to delegate Marshall, you give the point that abortion is a “killing”, which is unlawful. Anyone fighting against this issue that cedes that point will never be able to win an argument, especially with Del. Marshall, especially on this issue.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I fail to see how Bob Marshall continues to be re-elected. He’s a farce of a legislator, representing mainly the most extreme positions in Catholic theology, not his constituents.

      There is something psychologically unsound about men like Marshall who obsess over women’s vaginas and ovaries. Surely, they suffer is a pathological affliction known as “uterine envy.” They can’t produce eggs or carry an unborn child. They don’t have the same assurance women do that the unborn child is assuredly half theirs genetically. So, they act as if they have to possess and control women’s sexuality, deathly afraid of the power of the mighty uterine possessor. If they allow women to control their own reproductive lives, men like Bob Marshall must feel emasculated. (And they are psychologically.)

    • JDevine01

      “Granted, if the personhood measure becomes law a rogue commonwealth’s attorney might try to use it as a lever to overturn the entire edifice of abortion rights, including Roe v. Wade . But any such attempt would quickly collapse unless the courts themselves, including the Supreme Court, are willing to overturn Roe v. Wade.

      And if that is the case, then HB1 is the last thing abortion-rights advocates need worry about.”

    • Jim B

      What puzzles me is all this care for the unborn when they don’t give a fig about the living. Some of these people want to kill at the drop of a hat.  

    • glennbear

      He also appeared on Current TV “War Room” with Jennifer Granholm :