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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, February 28.

*Bob McDonnell deploys State Police SWAT team against peaceful candlelight vigil

*Common ground becomes a great divide (Apparently, Bob McDonnell has come down with a SEVERE case of “Obama Derangement Syndrome” – just read his bizarre, delusional comments in this article. What a wack.)

*Voter ID bill passes Va. Senate

*Senate defeats bid to end mandatory HPV vaccine

*Court dismisses lawsuit against Virginia congressional district map

*Del. Brink: Actions this session have allowed lawmakers to be portrayed as ‘ignorant, backward-looking buffoons’

*Ron Paul to lead rally in Springfield on Tuesday

*Key votes expected on two abortion measures

*Capitol briefs: Amazon tax measure passes House 95-2

*Senate committee votes down procurement notice bill

*PAC launches in response to social bills

*Students soar at poetry slam

*McDonnell: GOP presidential race needs positive tone (Hahahahaha, after HIS candidate – Willard Romney – has spent tens of millions of dollars trashing his opponents? Oh yeah, right.)

*Editorial: Honor early black lawmakers (“But follow established rules for installing plaques in the state Capitol”)

*I Can Haz Senate Seat? Cat Running for Open Senate Seat in Virginia (Is “Hank” any relation to “Felix” the cat? Heh.)

*VIDEO: Kaine calls for cooperation, ‘balanced approach’ on budget

*Surry planners recommend approving Old Dominion’s rezoning


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