Virginia Republicans Delete Angry/Snarky Comments Like Mad from Their FB Pages, But…


    For the past 24 hours or so, Virginia Republicans — e.g., self-annointed women’s health experts (particularly when it comes to “trans-vaginal” types of concerns) Sen. Ryan McDougle and Sen. Jeff McWaters — have been deleting comments off their Facebook walls like mad (hundreds in the case of McDougle). Unfortunately for them, sometimes they’re not fast enough:

    Meanwhile, it looks like more and more and more websites are picking up on the story we broke yesterday, both here and at Daily Kos. It appears, in other words, that Virginia Republicans have knocked over a hornet’s nest with their state-mandated ultrasound garbage, and are now being chased around (in social media, also on the steps of the Virginia Capitol in Richmond) by (justifiably) outraged “hive members.” I’d almost feel sorry for them, if a) it weren’t such a serious assault on women’s rights; and b) if they hadn’t brought it on themselves 100%.

    P.S. It looks like Sen. Steve Martin has also been “stung” a bit. See the “flip” for a screen capture of that exchange.

    UPDATE: Another commenter adds the following to Steve Martin’s page.

    Comfort yourselves by saying this is all put on by a professor or a university, but this is a response from women everywhere who are offended by your bills. It seems the truth is that lawmakers everywhere are waging a war, a HOLY war, against women, as they have been for some time. It is about suppression and control. And you’re getting “attacked” because something is wrong and YOU ARE A PART OF IT.

    • we DID read the bills.   And I’m a woman, and I was pregnant this time last year, so does that mean my disagreeing with these bills get extra points?

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      What is it about the word “consent” that Republicans don’t understand? They are supposed to be the party of small government. That’s a crock of outhouse residue. The fact that two GOPer women don’t understand the concept of government coercion and government over-stepping their authority is simply par for the course.

      The best thing I have seen lately is that women aren’t about to renounce the equality they fought long and hard to achieve. The “attacks” are fair and right.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      My post to a couple of the clowns is this:

      “Consent (n): Acceptance or approval of what is planned or done by another.

      In medical practice a patient always retains the right not to give consent for any procedure…unless you are in Virginia and seek reproductive medical services, thanks to Republican-mandated  malpractice.”

    • deb1980

      I was only able to post on Sen. Martin’s wall. This is where he whined about being attacked by women out of state and the “western part of Va”. Really? He assumes, by his own comment, that women cannot read and are randomly attacking him without provocation. I can read, more importantly, understand what was written and what he/they voted for. I as a woman and resident of Virginia feel attacked by my representatives who will never be able to comprehend the very issue they voted for.

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