Cantor’s Budget Solution: Tax the Working Poor


    Eric Cantor spoke at a Politico breakfast on April 19 and gave his answer to the budget deficit created by two wars that weren’t paid for and by the Bush tax cuts. His solution: tax poor working Americans, the 45% who don’t make enough money to pay federal income taxes. (They do, by the way, pay taxes. It is a GOP lie that they don’t. They pay Social Security taxes, state income taxes, property taxes – if they can afford a house – sales taxes, gasoline taxes, etc.)

    Just when I think bunch of Republicans running the House can’t get much worse, Cantor proves me wrong every time.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      That Doofus can’t understand ordinary working people. He’s one of those who has made out like a bandit in this economy, who gets all kinds of federal largesse from his position.

      The incomes of average Americans have stayed flat for the last couple of decades, good-paying manufacturing jobs have fled this country seeking low wages in the developing world, income inequality has become a dangerous social pathology. So many people aren’t having to pay income tax because they don’t make very much money. Even Henry Ford, hardly a liberal, realized that for the economy to grow, the workers have to make enough money to participate in the market.