5th CD Update: Douglass Campaign Claims 80% of Delegations; Williams Campaign Says Not So Fast!


    Earlier today, 5th CD Democrats held several caucuses to select delegates to their nominating convention scheduled for May 19. The remaining caucuses will be held this coming Monday. Around 1:30 pm this afternoon, I received the following email from the John Douglass campaign, essentially declaring victory over Peyton Williams (bolding added by me).

    I am so grateful for all the support you have shown me by helping elect enough committed Douglass delegates for us to move forward in helping to take back the House of Representatives. Supporters like you have already helped us win more than 80 percent of the decided delegations.

    But we still need you to help turnout as many people as possible to the remaining caucuses on Monday evening. Then we invite you to join our campaign celebration at Escafe on 215 W. Water Street in Charlottesville, starting at 9:00 pm — RSVP by emailing RSVP@johndouglassforcongress.com

    See the “flip” for the rest of the Douglass campaign’s email, and the Williams campaign’s response.

    Please consider making a small donation toward our post-caucus celebration.

    While this nominating process has been hotly contested, my wife Susan and I really enjoyed getting to know Peyton and his wife Bobbie at our home several weeks ago. So I am hopeful that we will be able to work together in our shared commitment to re-electing Barack Obama, electing Tim Kaine and replacing Robert Hurt.

    As we begin unifying our party over the next week, the eyes of America will be on us because the path to victory for Democrats runs through the heart of Virginia. We did it with Tom Perriello in 2008 and, with your help donating and volunteering to help reach the voters, we’ll do it again.

    Since we announced our run in the 5th District, this campaign has always been more important than any candidate or party. It is about standing up to the corporate greed that has hurt our district for the last two years by helping Virginia families get a fair chance at a better future.

    Now the real hard work begins.



    John Douglass

    Congressional Challenger

    John Douglass for Congress

    I emailed the Williams campaign for their reaction, and they sent me the following (bolding added by me; note that General Anthony McAuliffe is famous for his single-word reply to a German surrender ultimatum: “Nuts!”)

    I started to say this brings Brig. General McAuliffe’s remark to mind…

    The caucuses are part of the democratic process and our party is energized. We are earning delegates, and getting informal commitments from undeclared delegates as well. I intend to campaign vigorously; I am taking my delegates to the Convention where the nomination will be decided on the floor by the folks voting that day. Everyone who has gotten involved in the process with us is united behind the need to re-elect President Obama, elect Tim Kaine, and send Robert Hurt back to Chatham.

    • A.L. Philpott

      This makes me wonder whether Robert Hurt and his cousin Peyton Willams aren’t “in cahoots”  Peyton should ease on out of the way with some dignity.  He wasn’t able crack 10% of 5th district delegates.  The only thing he could accomplish now is destroying the Democratic Party.  The Lord giveth….and the Lord taketh away.

    • NotJohnSMosby

      if Williams really understands the process.  If his guys didn’t get picked at the city/county caucuses, and Douglass’s delegates did, then there’s nothing Williams can do at the convention.  It’s a done deal at that point, assuming that Douglass delegates don’t flip sides, which is highly unlikely.

      Conventions are small-ball games, where the caucuses determine the winner weeks before the convention. It sounds like Williams doesn’t understand that basic fact.

    • Bumble Bee

      Peyton Williams’ heart appears to be in the right place.  He does not like what the Republicans are doing and he does not like Robert Hurt.  He did announce as a candidate first, so give him credit for that.  It appears unlikely that he will carry the day in Lovingston. However, we will need his and his supporters as we move forward against Robert Hurt.  I would advise a little bit of tolerance right now and a lot of bridge building after the 5th CD Convention in Lovingston.  We are going to need all Democrats to unseat Robert Hurt and send him back to Chatham.

    • A.L. Philpott

      18 of the 23 localities in the 5th district have reported and the delegate count is as follows:

      135 for John Douglass

      13 for Peyton Williams

      11 for Uncommitted

      Monday night the results are expected to come in from the 5 remaining caucuses.  115 delegates are needed to nominate.

    • A.L. Philpott

      John Douglass   189

      Peyton Williams  20

      Uncommitted      16