11th CD Republican Candidate Didn’t Vote in 2010 Connolly-Fimian Election, GOP Primary


    I’m not a Republican, nor do I play one on TV, but if I were a Republican, a few things from 11th CD Republican congressional candidate Chris Perkins voter file (click on image to “embiggen”) would kinda make me go hmmmmm.

    First off, notice that Perkins says he’s “lived in Fairfax County since 1991,” yet he didn’t vote in any election for at least a decade(1996-2007) of that period? Wonderful.

    Second, since 2008, when Perkins actually did finally start voting on occasion, he still managed to not vote in any primaries (e.g., Keith Fimian vs. Pat Herrity) or municipal elections (e.g., County Board).

    Third, also note that Perkins failed to vote in the 2010 general election between Rep. Gerry Connolly and Keith Fimian, an election which Connolly won by a mere 981 votes out of more than 220,000 votes cast. In other words, if 982 Republicans like Perkins had voted, instead of sitting on their butts, Keith Fimian would have defeated Gerry Connolly for Congress. As a Democrat, of course, I’m thrilled that Perkins and 981 other Republicans had better things to do than exercise their core American right (and, I’d argue, duty) to vote. If I were a Republican, though, I might not be too thrilled, nor would I be particularly inclined to support this guy for the 2012 Republican nomination. But then again, I doubt Republicans think like you and me…

    P.S. Perkins did find time to support Blue Dog “Democrat” Gene Taylor of Mississippi during the final days of the 2010 campaign, including volunteering on Taylor’s campaign for two weeks! Priorities, priorities. According to the FEC, Taylor then gave Perkins $1,000 on May 13, 2011. As I said earlier — hmmmmm.

    • independent in arlington

      …and why it was to a pretty well known Democrat (if it came directly to you Lowell).

      If he was in the military, its possible that he was legally domiciled in Fairfax County but was not living here for long stretches of time, which could account for this limited voting record.

      I don’t think limited voting should be a disqualifier for public office, but I don’t think it is out of bounds to ask about it.

    • Dave

      1) That data is not an official record, and it can be wrong. It is an augmented, imported copy of SBE records, and is editable by volunteers.

      2) Whoever provided you with this screenshot violated their access agreement and should have their account revoked.

      With power comes responsibility, and this is an irresponsible use of voter file data. I don’t give a damn who this is or what you think they did or didn’t do – this use of that data is a direct violate of FCDC’s data access policies.