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Allen #FAIL – Far Fewer People at His Campaign HQ Opening Yesterday than Kaine Had Months Earlier


Check this out: a side-by-side photographic comparison (click to “embiggen”) of the official campaign HQ openings for Tim Kaine (slightly to the left) and George Allen (far, far right – lol).  Kaine’s was on January 22 and had more than 400 people in attendance. Allen’s was yesterday, and as you can see, he got considerably fewer people than Kaine did, despite the fact that Allen’s opening was 5 months later in the cycle than Kaine’s, and just a few weeks out from the June 12 Republican primary.  You’d think there might be at least a tiny bit of enthusiasm for ol’ Felix, but apparently not. So sad (heh). Also, both openings we’re held in Richmond, where the campaigns are headquartered just a few miles from each other, so Allen can’t argue apples and oranges or whatever lame excuse he tries to come up with for his #FAIL.

P.S. See the “flip” for a similar side-by-side comparison of crowds for Willard “Mitt” Romney (pitiful, small, homogenous) and Barack Obama (large, enthusiastic, and diverse)

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