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DNC Candidate Ben Tribbett Endorsed by Northern Virginia Democratic Committee Chairs


With the Democratic Party of Virginia’s state convention, including an election for Virginia’s four elected DNC delegates, kicking off in less than a week, the candidates are working hard for support. Yesterday afternoon, DNC candidate Ben Tribbett announced that he’d been endorsed by “all five committee Chairs of the largest localities here in Northern Virginia.” Ben points out that those localities – Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax City, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Loudoun, and Prince William – account for more than “40% of the total Delegates registered for this state convention.” Impressive.

I checked with several of the Democratic Committee chairs for why they endorsed Ben, and so far I’ve received two statements (from Arlington chair Mike Lieberman and Loudoun Chair Evan Macbeth) and had one conversation (with Fairfax County chair Cesar Delaguila). Here’s what they had to say:

Mike Lieberman (ACDC)

Ben cares a great deal about the Democratic Party, which he demonstrates every day through his job, his writing, and his volunteerism.  Ben has my vote because I believe he will bring the same dedication and commitment to the DNC that he has brought to the Democratic Party in Virginia.

Evan Macbeth (LCDC)

Ben challenges assumptions, speaks his mind, expects accountability and fights for those who fight for us. It seems to me that’s a  kind of person we could use in the room when our national Party makes decisions.

Cesar Delaguila (FCDC)

*”Ben’s the type of person who would shake things up…will bring fresh ideas…a different perspective and a different way to engage people.”

*”I believe it’s important to bring a lot of people back into the party…There’s often lots of bitterness after elections which can create fissures between people, we need to sit down and talk to each other.”

*”Ben’s got the social media thing down…gets people thinking in a whole new way.”

Other chairs endorsing Ben are Dak Hardwick (Alexandria), Harry Wiggins (Prince William County), Betty Coll (Falls Church), and Patrick LeFloch (Fairfax City).

If you’re interested in attending the convention, it’s being held this coming Friday and Saturday at George Mason University. I’ve posted the schedule on the “flip.” Check it out, and vote if you can!

Friday, June 1, 2012

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Early Registration Mason Inn

5:00 pm Steering Committee Meeting Mason Inn

5:00 pm Asian American Caucus Reception Mason Inn

7:30 pm Evening Honoring Senator Jim Webb Mason Inn

10:00 pm Hospitality Suites Open TBD

Saturday, June 2, 2012

7:00 am Registration Opens, George Mason Center for the Arts

7:00 am Continental Breakfast

8:45 am Delegates must be seated

9:00 am Call to Convention

11:30 am Lunch for Delegates

Boxed Lunches Support the Democratic Black Caucus’ Recognition of Juneteenth (pre-order only)

2:00 pm Convention Concludes

4:00 pm DLOV Happy Hour TBD

7:00 pm Year of the Woman Reception Mason Inn

9:30 pm Hospitality Suites Open TBD

  • Tom

    I guess it’s obvious, but in case it isn’t I’ll just say that a committee chair’s endorsement of a caididate in no way can be interpreted as endorsement of the chair’s committee – unless of course that committee had approved the endorsement by majority committee vote. No doubt a committee chair has some limited ability to influence individual delegate votes, but just that doesn’t tell us much (if anything) about how many votes a candidate might receive from these five jusridictions. I am sure you are correct that 40% of the delegates attending are NoVa residents but having the endorsement of 5 people (the chairs) doesn’t seem all that impressive UNLESS there is some additional supporting information such as how delegates have been responding to candidates’ direct contacts or the chairs have themselves informally polled their own committee member delegates.

    It happens that Ben has very recently made his case with my own county committee, and he made a good case for himself. But I did not leave that meeting with the impression that he changed the minds of many who are delegates, so whether my chair endorsed Ben or not doesn’t have much effect on how each of us will vote on the 2nd of June.

    This comment is not intended to diminish any of Ben’s supporters’ enthusiasm. I think he has done well in convincing the five chairs to endorse him. And maybe my cautionary note will encourage all Ben’s supporters to work even harder to convince delegates to vote for him. And your diary should also encourage supporters of other candidates to work harder to get the delegate votes for their candidates.

    I was favorably impressed with Ben’s careful avoidance of any negative comments at all against any of the other candidates when he made his case with my committee, and I think that will have a much greater impact of delegates’ individual decisions on how they will vote than would any endorsements.