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Richmond Obama Rally: Let’s See Willard Turn Out a Crowd Like This!


Here are a couple photos (see the “flip” for the other one) from the rally to reelect President Obama at VCU’s Siegel Center today, courtesy of Obama for America – Virginia. Notice a few things about the crowd that Willard will never match? 1) Enthusiasm (why would anyone in their right mind be enthused about a corporate robot?); 2) numbers (Remember when Willard had a rally in a football stadium, and it was 99% empty? Guarantee – that will NOT happen to Barack Obama today, or any day in this campaign!); 3) a crowd that looks like America, in all its diversity (Willard’s crowd – older and white, pretty much. Not that there’s anything at all wrong with older white people – there are good and bad people in every race, religion, ethnicity, etc. – but crowds that are consistently made up of 95% older white people, as are invariably seen at Republican rallies, is NOT representative of the demographics of today’s America. Sorry Willard.)

P.S. The rally hasn’t even started yet, and the crowds are huge. This morning, there was a big (14,000 people), enthusiastic crowd in Columbus, Ohio. Sensing a pattern here? 🙂

UPDATE: (3:22 pm) @JennMcClellanVA tweets: “@coachsmartvcu addressing the crowd. Walks out to a standing ovation.”

UPDATE #2: For video of Michelle and President Obama earlier today in Columbus, click here (starts around 37 minutes in…just skip to that point).

UPDATE #3: You can follow the Obama for America VA Twitter feed for updates throughout this rally. For instance: “Shaka Smart: ‘With your help President Obama will win Virgina again.'” and “Congressman Bobby Scott: ‘We have the choice: millionaires or medicare and education– and we chose medicare and education.'”

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I phone banked Wednesday to tell people about the rally. The interest was very high and people were enthusiastic. That energy has to be built upon from now until November. If we keep building the grassroots campaign, Virginia goes blue again in November.

  • dw1206

    Fired up, and ready to go!!!

  • mechenvy

    I had a great spot on the floor about eight ranks back. Tremendous energy in a full arena. President Obama said this election is not as much about how we are doing now, it is about where we want to be 5, 10, 20 years from now and what are the competing policy agendas that will shape our future. But forget the comparisons on policies. Let’s start with the fundamentals that many non-politico voters focus on in an elected official. President Obama is honest. He is decent. He is rational. He WORKED his way up the ladder of opportunity that America offers. He knows how most of the people live in this country. And, for the most part, despite some serious oversights and lack of progressive ideals in key areas, he seems to want reasonably good public policy. Romney doesn’t even get out of the blocks on those counts. Nevertheless, as Obama said, this will be a tough race. So get fired up! Get ready to go!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The coverage of the rally in the Roanoke Times was terrible. Page 4 of the Virginia section. Double column story. No picture of President Obama. Romney got a story, 3/4 page, in the back pages of the first section, including a large picture of him “delivering pizza to firefighters.” I shudder to think what the RTD (Republican Times Dispatch) did with the rally story. I’ll have to check that.

    Yep. We all need to be fired up and ready to go. As the President said at the rally, “We are going to win this the old-fashioned way, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.”