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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, May 27.

*Schapiro: McDonnell’s last, best chance for road cash

*Is another government/financial meltdown on horizon? (“Waiting in the wings, should some unforeseen economic crisis provoke early congressional action, are U.S. Sen. Mark Warner and a bipartisan group of colleagues…”)

*A Million Bucks for a Non-Existent Problem (That’s Republicans for ya, wasting our money on fighting their paranoid fantasies.)

*Cuccinelli Delivers Commencement Address at Covenant Graduation

*Chris Perkins, The Blue Dog Republican

*Editorial: Solitary confinement’s cost and cruelty (“Virginia officials say isolation is needed for discipline, but other states are rethinking the practice.”)

*Gay marriage: Make it legal

*Editorial: Help families help children (“Family caregivers should be first choice when placing a child outside his parents’ home. Virginia needs to overcome legal barriers.”)

*D.C., Virginia officers honored for cases involving missing, exploited children

*Silver Line Stirs Reston Redevelopment

*Nationals overcome the Braves despite an uneasy Strasburg on the mound

*Across NoVa, the crack of the bat returns

*Forecast: Beryl threatens southeast US coast with rain, winds and rough surf for Memorial Day

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