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VA GOP Rejects Women’s Strike Force From Sponsoring Table at Their Convention


The Republicans' disdain for women's rights continues in their rejection of this bipartisan group's application to participate in this weekend's Republican Party of Virginia convention. As Republican-turned-Independent, former Delegate Katherine Waddell puts it, “By hanging out the unwelcome sign to the Women’s Strike Force, The Republican Party of Virginia is creating a hostile environment for Virginians who support women’s reproductive rights.”  

Women's Strike Force is a bipartisan Virginia PAC established to support candidates in Virginia who will protect women's reproductive rights

The Women's Strike Force, a bipartisan PAC, is shocked that the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) has denied the organization the opportunity to participate in this weekend's state Republican convention.On June 13, just 2 days before the state Republican Convention, Women's Strike Force Operations Director Kenan Draper, was informed by Gina Padrone, RPV Finance Director, that the Republican Party had "lost" our application and just stumbled upon it — and would be unable to accomodate our organization's interest in sponsoring a table at the Virginia Republican Convention. 


Ms. Draper notes that "On May 31, I had a telephone conversation with RPV staff informing me that as a bipartisan organization, we would be welcomed at the Republican Party of Virginia State Convention.  The Women's Strike Force properly filed our paperwork with the RPV in line with the instructions from RPVA staff, including payment of $250 to be a vendor at the convention. Unfortunately, the Republican Party of Virginia conveniently "lost" our application for 2 weeks, but re-discovered it 2 days before the convention and informed us that they could no longer accommodate the Women's Strike Force's application to sponsor a table at the Virginia Republican Convention."  


Republican Katherine Waddell, a former Virginia Delegate and President of Women's Strike Force, is disappointed that The Republican Party of Virginia has conveniently "lost" the organization's application and is unwilling to accommodate the bi-partisan organization.  Ms. Waddell feels that "By hanging out the unwelcome sign to the Women's Strike Force, The Republican Party of Virginia is creating a hostile environment for Virginians who support women's reproductive rights."    

Interestingly, on the very day in which the RPV rejected The Women's Strike Force's application from participating in the Republican Convention, George Allen, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, noted that "We need to get all of the wings of our party flapping together in the same direction" and added that the party needs to welcome independents, "and yes, Democrats" into the fold to win.


Ms. Waddell is furious that the Republican Party of Virginia is unwilling to welcome a bipartisan pro-choice organization, despite Mr. Allen's sentiments.  Ms. Waddell notes that "The Women's Strike Force was reaching out to Republicans who believe in the basic principles of limited government, individual freedom and the right to privacy and RPV should be doing the same. So soon you forget how outraged Virginians were at the sharp right turn of Republican legislators in the 2012 General Assembly. Instead of showing Southern Hospitality, Republicans are painting themselves into a corner which will lead them back to holding their meetings in the phone booth where they started."


 Women's Strike Force Executive Director, Rebecca Geller comments that "We are a bipartisan organization and are stunned by the Republican Party's actions. The Women's Strike Force provides an opportunity for women who are outraged by the Virginia General Assembly's assault on reproductive rights to turn their anger into action.  We welcome Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to join our organization to fight for women's rights."


The Women's Strike Force is a bipartisan coalition of Virginia activists who have created a new political action committee (PAC) raising money to recruit and support candidates to defeat any elected official who supported the "personhood" or mandatory, unnecessary ultrasound legislation in the Virginia General Assembly.  


The Women's Strike Force encourages all supporters to go online atwww.womensstrikeforce.org and make a donation to help defeat the lawmakers who support these overly invasive bills.  Please follow The Women's Strike Force at www.facebook.com/womensstrikeforce or https://twitter.com/#/womenspac 

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Women who feel they deserve the right to make decisions about their bodies without state interference, the right to give consent to medical procedures, the right to have all the preventative care that medical professionals say they should have can hardly act politically in a “bipartisan” way after the last General Assembly session.

    Any Republican women on the Women’s Strike Force need to “grow a pair of steel ovaries” and vote their own self-interest for a change…and voting for the GOP is NOT in their self-interest.

  • Dan Sullivan

    backing away from any hope for a big tent.

    Can’t wait for references to constitutional guarantees of free assembly of like-minded persons or whatever ducking excuse they want to use to rationalize their fear of sunlight penetrating the cloister.

  • Teddy Goodson

    by the general public, unfortunately; I doubt it made even a ripple in the corporate media. The WSF performed a public service, however, by establishing once again that today’s Republican Party has total contempt for women (also organised labor, also minorities or any group they perceive as weaker than themselves).

    The Republican methodology, as displayed in Wisconsin and wherever the Republicans gain an edge, is to run roughshod over opposition, implement their agenda at any cost—– and bull ahead, figuring that they will get away with it, people will adjust and “get over it,” so they can then move on to the next authoritarian imposition. They intend to hit us again and again until we are exhausted trying to respond. It is no longer politics as usual, folks, and Democrats (and everyone else) should stop pretending it is. Bush Junior said it best: “You’re either with us or against us.” They take no prisoners.