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Willard Mocks Idea of Hiring “more firemen, more policemen, more teachers”


Of course, this basically proves the entire point President Obama was making today, which is that the private sector has been adding jobs, while the public sector – including Willard’s hated “more firemen, more policemen, more teachers” – has been getting hacked by Republican’ts and their idiotic, counterproductive austerity policies. Now, Willard has confirmed that if, god forbid, he’s elected president, he’ll not only eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood, slash taxes for the super-rich, and start a few wars, he’ll also double down on cutbacks in public sector employees – including firemen, policemen, teachers, and many others. Does that sound like a smart plan to you? If so, then by all means vote for this doofus. If, on the other hand, you have an ounce of sense, then don’t. Oh, and remember to donate and volunteer for Barack Obama, basically work your butt off from now until November to make sure that Willard and his warped, reactionary views about America come nowhere near the Oval Office. Thanks.

  • glennbear

    As a retired public safety officer and former vice president of the largest law enforcement union in NJ I admit to some prejudice. The fact remains that in a perfect Romney world when your house burns down you and your uneducated children can go to your friendly local hedge fund manager and beg for shelter while hoping that the unpoliced local criminal element does not steal whatever of your possessions was not burned up.  

  • glennbear

    So according to the Romney lexicon “government workers” such a s police officers, firefighters and teachers are not “American people”. I am glad he clarified that for me. I suppose that is true when “corporations are people my friend”.