Just One Example of What’s the Matter With Fracking


    Watch this short video telling the truth about about fracking and then recall the ad most often shown on television about the subject (in the ad they never even call it by either fracking or its technical name, horizontal hydraulic fracturing).

    The ads present a perky blonde lecturing us about the supposedly safe gas exploration.  Like the antiseptic diagrams she misleads with, she propagandizes that it’s all good. There are no safety concerns.  Nada, not even as the drilling process drills between one and two miles horizontally, injects a slurry of toxic chemicals and exceedingly high pressure. No problem, she pretends.

    But we do have a problem. If this method of extraction of gas from shale, is used near aquifers, wells, lakes and streams, as it is and is proposed in a number of states, we put the sustainability of large swaths of our nation at risk.  

    It is almost as if an act of desperation by an industry which won’t stop until it has laid waste to the entire country.  It is as if, like the mountain-top removers in the coal industry, they will not stop until there is no sustainable environment left.

    It boggles the mind to comprehend how the proponents of a reckless supposed tehno-fix (brought to you by Dick Cheney’s old company, which invented the process) have fooled so many Americans. It is an industry which has never faced any consequences for its profligate assault on the environment and never will, unless homeowners in this nation stop believing the propaganda and demand their legislators protect our water and our homes.


    • … while the other side says the opposite. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

      Phrases like “…act of desperation by an industry which won’t stop until it has laid waste to the entire country” is hysterical hyperbole which turns an objective person (like me) away from the argument you’re trying to make.

      Learn from the anti uranium-mining people. They’ve finally figured out that they need to muzzle their “OMGWTFBBQ The area will be radioactive for 500 years!!!!” people. I did a three-part series on uranium mining and learned a lot from Andrew Lester who calmly and rationally talked about potential dangers.

    • totallynext

      Great info on fracing and the various regulatory / industry lying that is going on

    • YelowDawg

      And this doesn’t even consider the forest cover loss that results from cutting so many roads and creating the pads for the wells. This creates sediment that chokes our streams and increases water temperature which changes the aquatic life community. It’s a domino effect.