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Obama Spokeswoman Responds to Sununu Insanity: “Romney Campaign Has Gone Off the Deep End”


Obama for America spokeswoman Lis Smith released the following statement in response to the Romney campaign’s press conference call featuring former U.S. Senator John Sununu:

The Romney campaign has officially gone off the deep end. The question is what else they’ll pull to avoid answering serious questions about Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and investments in foreign tax havens and offshore accounts. This meltdown and over-the-top rhetoric won’t make things better- it only calls attention to how desperate they are to change the conversation.

In other words, the Romney campaign has not only “jumped the shark,” it’s instructed their paid sharks to start jumping over other sharks to get to the sharks that they’re ultimately jumping over. Seriously, though, they’ve completely lost it.

  • aznew

    is that the one guy we know of who is not a part of Romney’s inner circle, and is aware of what is in those tax returns, John McCain, is not out there like Sununu and other more mainstream Republication throwing away their own reputations in defense of Romney.

    Just saying.


  • NotJohnSMosby

    He rolls the whole “un-American/druggie/socialist/black/birther/never worked a day in his life” arguments into one single rant.  An impressive example of wingnut bleating.

  • jwsevert

    During 2010, Romney spent $77,000 to teach his horse to dance and then wrote it off on his taxes.

    Any wonder he’s “not enthusiastic” about disclosing what he was up to before he started running for President?

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    John Sununu can try smear tactics on Faux News, but the fact remains: Most Americans know Romney is hiding something, something he feels he can’t let the public know. This will fester and grow until he releases his tax returns and takes the heat. This issue is a potential killer of his campaign. Romney must be sweating bullets over this one..Heh, heh, heh.