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Video: Rep. Gerry Connolly Hits “Republican Death Panels”


Ha, talk about fighting fire with fire! LOL.

Thank you Madame Speaker, I have one minute so I have to go fast. Here are the Top 10 reforms the Republicans want to repeal with their death panels tomorrow:

· Discounts on prescription drugs saving seniors $600 a year

· Parents offering health coverage to their children under the age 26

· Protections from bankruptcy in the event of a catastrophic illness

· Free preventive screening and wellness visits ever year

· Reforms strengthening Medicare Advantage, resulting in a 7% drop in premiums for the first time ever, and a 10% increase in enrollment

· $151 in average rebates this year alone from insurance companies to consumers all over the country

· Protections from having coverage rescinded arbitrarily by insurance bureaucrats

· Tax credits for small businesses to help defray the costs of offering coverage for their employees

· And finally, guaranteed medical coverage even if you discover you have a pre-existing condition in America

Ladies and Gentleman, let us not repeal these reforms with Republican death panels.