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Love the Faux “Outrage” from the Pathological Liars Over Biden “Chains” Remark in Danville


These remarks by Joe Biden, made earlier today in Danville, seem pretty obvious to me, pointing out that the only thing Romney et al. would accomplish by (metaphorically) “unchaining” Wall Street is to put the middle class and working people in “chains,” again metaphorically speaking. Of course, the Romney campaign probably doesn’t know what a “metaphor” is, plus they’re undoubtedly hypersensitive these days because of their racial “dog whistle” (and utterly false/debunked) welfare ads, so they predictably have gone into full, faux “outrage” mode, psychologically projecting (or is it transference?) and claiming it’s actually Biden who used a racial “code word” (the masters of dog whistle politics certainly would know! lol) or whatever.

Anyway, here’s the Obama campaign’s response to the latest Romney pathological lying and idiocy. God, I’m so sick of this campaign…is there a gong somewhere to get Romney and Ryan off the stage already?!? Gack.

For months, Speaker Boehner, Congressman Ryan, and other Republicans have called for the ‘unshackling’ of the private sector from regulations that protect Americans from risky financial deals and other reckless behavior that crashed our economy. Since then, the Vice President has often used a similar metaphor to describe the need to ‘unshackle’ the middle class. Today’s comments were a derivative of those remarks, describing the devastating impact letting Wall Street write its own rules again would have on middle class families. We find the Romney campaign’s outrage over the Vice President’s comments today hypocritical, particularly in light of their own candidate’s stump speech questioning the President’s patriotism. Now, let’s return to that ‘substantive’ debate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan promised 72 hours ago, but quickly abandoned.

Yeah, good luck with anything “substantive” from the right-wing demagogues.

  • pontoon

    your post completely.  However, doesn’t it make sense to stay away from language that could be construed as racial?  Just saying.

  • Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks in Wytheville, VA.

    We don’t have to imagine anymore. The details are there. Here’s what Congressman Ryan said. He said, ‘We believe a renewed commitment to limited government will unshackle our economy.’ The Speaker of the House said, used the word ‘unshackled’ as well, referring to their proposals. The last time these guys unshackled the economy, to use their term, they put the middle class in shackles. That’s how we got where we are.

    Nine million jobs lost. Wage stagnation. 16 trillion dollars in wealth you all lost in your home equity, in your 401Ks and your pension plans. You’re the ones that got nailed. All of America, except the very few.

    And I’m told that when I made that comment earlier today in Danville, Virginia, the Romney campaign put out a tweet. You know, tweets these days? Put out a tweet, went on the airwaves saying, ‘Biden, he’s outrageous in saying that,’ I think I said instead of ‘unshackled,’ ‘unchained.’ ‘Outrageous to say that.’ That’s what we had. I’m using their own words. I got a message for them. If you want to know what’s outrageous, it’s their policies and the effects of their policies on middle class America. That’s what’s outrageous.

    I think it’s outrageous to continue to give companies tax breaks to outsource rather than tax breaks to in-source. To make massive cuts in education, massive cuts in college aid, massive cuts in Medicaid, throwing 19 million people off — who desperately need healthcare — off of Medicare, including 1 million seniors. How many of you know somebody in a home right now who is getting extended care. Eight will get you 10, they’re there because they have Medicaid. What happens when they do this? That’s outrageous. You want to know what’s outrageous. Massive changes. Massive cuts to Social Security for future generations. That’s the hard proposal.

  • Based on this, Barbara Comstock is clearly either a) utterly detached from reality (aka, “nuts”); b) a pathological liar; c) an imbecile; d) a brainwashed zombie; or e) all of the above. Watch this exchange and decide for yourself.  By the way, GREAT job by Soledad O’Brien, now why can’t EVERY member of the “mainstream media” do this? It’s really not that hard, now is it?!?

  • aznew

    Anyone who has been watching the campaign so far knows what is coming next. Romney is about to launch a particularly ugly, personal, hate-filled attack on Obama.

    Romney’s strategy throughout this campaign has been to level an attack on Obama — facts or justification be damned — immediately prior to emracing that very same tactic that he purports to condem. He does this to inoculate himself against charges that he is running a dirty campaign. By launching the preemptive attack, even one based on thin gruel like this, he forces the media to cover his attack as a tit-for-tat, rather than the slimeball tactic that it really is.

    At least, that has been the pattern so far.

    And you can see WHY they are doing it now. They were uncomfortable with the Bain/Missing Tax Return meme that had taken hold, so they do the Ryan rollout to change the subject. Well, it worked, and got tax returns off the front page (at least for now), but the narrative quickly got away from them, veering first into the Ryan budget, which they sought to avoid by talking about a “Romney Budget” that was different than the Ryan budget.

    But, of course, there is no Romney budget, so that tactic led to uncomfortable questions about what that budget contained and how it differed from Ryan’s plan. I’ll bet they saw the writing on the wall when Ryan got pinned down in that Britt Hume interview. When you can’t bamboozle the Fox guys, who are effectively a part of your campaign, you’ve got a problem.

    Today, they went on the offensive on the issue of Medicare, but even a knucklehead like Romney knows he can’t win an argument over Medicare with the Democrats.

    All that’s left is nasty, personal attacks. Romney can’t let this thing get away from him before the convention — if he’s not leading the polls after the GOP convention, he’s done for. So the next three weeks will be desperation time for him (hence, his accusation that Obama is desperate).