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Video: Romney Says PLEASE No More Questions About His Business Background or Tax Returns!


Starting at around 4:20 in this video, Willard “Mitt” Romney makes one of the most astonishing statements I’ve just about ever heard from a presidential candidate, pleading that “business or family or taxes or things of that nature” be off the table for the rest of his campaign against President Obama. WTF, is he serious?!?

Apparently so. Here’s how Politico’s Burns & Haberman describe it (under the headline, “Romney wants his taxes, business record off table“)

Talking about candidates’ personal finances is hardly novel, nor is it irrelevant – how candidates make their money, however much or how little they’ve earned over the years, is not only fair game but a legitimate line of inquiry. The question of tax returns is also not new (to that end, Romney has said he would also release his 2011 taxes, but has yet to do so, with less than three months to go in the race).

What is surprising is hearing a candidate say, essentially, “stop hitting me.” As the folks at First Read note, this would seem to be something of a concession that the negatives are bothering the candidate, whom a round of new national polls shows running at a deficit that exceeds the margin of error…

More broadly than that, though, what’s so absurd about this, really heading into utter Bizarro World territory, is that Romney’s entire rationale for his candidacy pretty much revolves around his business background, but now he’s saying, essentially, “don’t ask me any questions about my business background.” I mean, if that’s not beyond laughable, I don’t know what is.

Also utterly absurd is Romney’s claim that his campaign hasn’t gone after Obama personally. Uh huh. You mean like this? Or this? Or this (no, Sheldon Adelson isn’t officially on the Romney campaign, but he’s pouring millions of dollars into helping elect Romney, and he hung out with Romney in Israel a couple weeks ago)? All the crazy stuff Romney’s pal Donald Trump has said about Obama? Or all the crazy stuff Romney’s teahadist allies have said about Obama for several years now, none of which Romney has condemned? But again, the media’s not supposed to ask Romney questions about his business dealings, why he has tens of millions of dollars in Swiss bank accounts, tax havens like the Cayman Islands, etc., because that’s “personal,” even though his business background is the central rationale for his candidacy? Gotcha.

  • blue bronc

    He is privileged and therefore should never be questioned or made to reveal how privileged he is. What is most telling of him and his campaign since he first landed in the UK is how they are reacting to pressures. The fiasco of Europe, not visiting any troops, returning and seeing drooping polls, is now starting to sink in.

    Three weeks and the campaign season is official. I am old fashioned and think that Labor Day is when normal people start to think about politics. Right now there are millions of people very pissed off about the political ads they have been forced to watch around here and critical states. Those may be on the edge of saying “a pox on both their houses” and not voting.

    Mitt is apparently not understanding that politics is a contact sport. And the candidates are those who take the punishment. You either love it or loath it, Mitt seems to be having a problem loving it. (I am a former and maybe future politician) You have to wonder what is inside his cranium that led him to think that running for president was not total warfare? His backers will and have done everything, including approaching the limits of destroying America, to get the black guy out of the White House. That we are seeing those efforts fall apart and making the Mitt ask for leniency is saying his “tour to visit my money” is a failure. And I love it.

  • Pain

    On face value, I wish it didn’t happen.

    However, I have seen the republicans play this game more times that I care to remember and the democrats just sit back and take it.  Frankly, I’m done being nice.  Bloody knuckles is what I want and I love what I am seeing.

    Romney is flailing around trying to land a punch, and as yet, he’s been swinging in the air and taking hard rights to the chin. Cry me a river, Mitt, cause if you weren’t getting your arse handed to you in a bucket you wouldn’t be whinning about the negative ads.

  • Jim B

    Mitt has gone below the belt so many times in his adds you would wonder how low he is willing to go in response to some tough adds by the dems. There must be some tipping point for the repugs that would turn off the public. But, we are talking about a republican here and he doesn’t seem to have any shame.

  • aznew

    My campaign would be a lot easier if only Obama would stop criticizing me.

    Like Lowell, at first I couldn’t believe this was serious. Now that I see it clearly is, this is just pathetic.

    Wow. Just wow.