BREAKING: PPP Virginia Poll — Obama 51%-Romney 46%


    Great news from PPP, which nailed Virginia in 2008.

    A new Public Policy Polling survey in Virginia, conducted on behalf of Health Care for America Now, finds Barack Obama expanding his lead in the aftermath of his debate victory Monday night. He now has 51% to 46% for Mitt Romney, up from a 49/47 advantage last weekend.

    Now, let’s all get back to working our butts off the next 12 days so that Barack Obama carries Virginia once again, and is reelected for four more years. G’Obama!

    P.S. Poll results like this one make me VERY happy that the Allen folks have returned to their “strategy” (using the word very loosely) of tying Tim Kaine to Barack Obama. Hey, it works for me! 🙂

    • normanva

      I just got back from the Obama Victory Rally in Richmond, Virginia.  The Times-Dispatch estimates 15000 folks were there.  I know there were a lot as I was so far back I honestly couldn’t see the speakers.  For you guys familiar with The Carillon in Richmond, the Obama team had a giant American flag hanging on The Carillon which was awesome. Obama gave an inspirational speech as one would expect.!/med