Video: President Obama at Red Cross Points Out This Storm is Not Yet Over, Says No Red Tape!


    President Obama, leading the nation in this time of crisis. Meanwhile, what’s Willard up to? Don’t ask. Oh, and gotta love this – Christie and Obama will tour New Jersey tomorrow, Willard not invited (and after Christie lavishly praised President Obama for all the help he’s given New Jersey, how accessible he’s been, etc.). As my friend Cliff Schecter says, “Oh what I’d give to be in rooms where GOP Insiders are talking about Chris Christie right now.” LOL, me too! 🙂

    • pontoon

      be in Roanoke on Thursday.  Doesn’t seem to be taking too much of a break from campaigning…since he had a campaign event in Ohio today.  Oops, I forgot, he had folks bring in canned goods that the Red Cross doesn’t need or want and clearly states the same on their website.