Home Energy and Environment Clinton Calls Out Mitt’s Mockery Of Climate Change In Sandy’s Wake

Clinton Calls Out Mitt’s Mockery Of Climate Change In Sandy’s Wake


Of course, it’s not just Romney who mocks science, climate change, and clean energy, it’s pretty much the entire know-nothing, flat-earth, science-hating Republican Party. And why is that? Two main reasons. First, money, and lots of it, to Republican politicians from fossil fuel companies, all of whom have huge profits to protect and would love nothing better than to strangle the competition (solar, wind, energy efficiency, etc.) in its cradle. Second, the Republican “base” who believe the “end times” are coming anyway, so why bother protecting our planet (they figure they’ll all be raptured anyway). Plus, a significant segment of these people are fed a steady diet of brain-rotting trash by the Rush Limbaughs and Faux “News” “personalities” of the world, so what else can we expect? Sad, though, as they’re just as likely – or more so, if they’re not wealthy and can’t buy their way out of it – to suffer from the consequences of climate change as anyone else. Anyway, it’s great to see Bill Clinton calling out the Republicans for their nihilistic know-nothingism. I just wish we’d get a lot more of this kind of talk from leading Democrats…mocking the mockers for a change!


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