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Ex-Felon, Iran-Contra Weapons Dealer Endorses Frank “Big Lie” Luntz Protege for Virginia LG


Wow, it doesn’t get much slimier than this.

Pete Snyder was the last entrant (so far) in the Republican field for lieutenant governor, but he’s already racking up endorsements.

His latest comes from Oliver North, a retired U.S. Marine officer who’s slated to announce his support for Snyder Friday evening when the state GOP gathers in Virginia Beach for its winter meeting.

In a telephone interview Friday, North said he’s known Snyder, a Republican activist and Northern Virginia businessman, since Snyder worked on his 1994 campaign for U.S. Senate.

For more on Oliver North, see Oliver North, Fortunate Felon. Also, recall that John Warner and Marshall Coleman helped save Virginia from the horrifying prospect of “Senator Oliver North (R-VA)” back in 1996. And guess who worked on the Oliver North campaign but Frank “Big Lie” Luntz protege Pete Snyder, now running for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. That really says it all about Snyder, and none of it is good. As I said, it doesn’t get any slimier than this. Except perhaps, the thought of Snyder on a ticket with Ken Kookinelli and someone like far-right-wingnut Mark Obenshain. Shuddddderrrrrr.

  • ir003436

    I served 28 years in the US Army, retired about 15 years ago at the rank of XXXXX.  I was an artilleryman for years — two tours in Vietnam — then transferred to Military Intelligence (I know, I know — that’s an oxymoron) then spent 20 years doing funny stuff in strange places.

    Never once did I break any laws or even come close.  Testified before Congress several times in both open and closed sessions.  Never lied or misled Congress or anyone else — just kept my duffle bag packed, my gear straight, and my shoes shined.  Dragged wife and two kids all over hell and back.

    So why am I not as famous as Ollie?

    I guess I took too seriously that part about “I do not lie, cheat, or steal and I do not tolerate those who do.”

    People like North make me puke (can I say that on BlueVirginia?)