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LCDC Chair Evan Macbeth Praises Theo Stamos Appointment, Questions Loudoun County Board Actions


Good news from the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, announcing that superb Arlington Commonwealth Attorney Theo Stamos is now on the case of (possibly) corrupt hatemonger, Loudoun County board member Eugene Delgaudio. I just say, I am very much looking forward to this investigation. Go Theo!

Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Evan Macbeth issued the following statement in response to news that Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos has been appointed by the Loudoun Circuit Court as a Special Prosecutor to investigate allegations of misuse of office by Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio:

“While I am heartened to learn that Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos has been appointed to investigate the serious allegations against Supervisor Delgaudio, I question why the County did not previously give all the evidence in this case to Ms. Stamos. During her earlier informal review of these allegations in the Spring, Ms. Stamos indicated that any supporting evidence would significantly change her assessment of the case. Yet when Chairman York received a significant amount of supporting documentary evidence from Ms. Mateer, he failed to provide that evidence to Mr. Roberts, Mr. Plowman or Ms. Stamos.

The ways in which Chairman York and the Board of Supervisors have mishandled the allegations against Mr. Delgaudio are deeply troubling. Since the allegations were made public, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee has repeatedly called on the Board of Supervisors to launch a transparent and independent investigation of Mr. Delgaudio’s actions. The Board’s recent decisions to commit minimal resources to the investigation, and to hire an investigator with significant ties to local Republicans — a move that even Mr. Delgaudio himself objected to — raises serious questions as to whether this Board truly holds itself to a standard of accountability, transparency and ethical conduct that the citizens of Loudoun expect.

Now that Ms. Stamos is on the case, the people of Loudoun County can hope that we will learn the truth about Mr. Delgaudio’s actions and about whether or not Chairman York and this Board acted to conceal illegal activities from the public.

Additionally, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee does not believe that the Board should suspend its own administrative review as to whether any county policies were violated.”